Friday, September 18, 2009

Night Sky, Clouds and Lights

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puerileuwaite said...

Do your clouds swirl in the same direction as mine? Inquiring pugs want to know.

dianne said...

I really dont know Puggles my sweet, I wish I could give you a definitive answer, it depends on the direction of the wind and air pressure I would guess.

How do your clouds swirl? ♥

/t. said...


seems to be
in a dark mood

× × ×


dianne said...

Thanks dear /t.

Actually it was cool and pleasant, there was a lovely breeze and I noticed how dark the clouds were in the sky...wishing for some rain.
I was trying to get a really good vantage point to capture a photo just of the sky but because of moving cars in the carpark I had to take what I could get... ♡

Shweta Tiwari said...

wow..nice weather to roam around.
njoy must have rained i think..

foam said...

i like the addition of the cars, especially in the top 2 photos .. ..

nice night sky photos, dianne ..

Little Lamb said...

Those are pretty pictures.

dianne said...

Thanks Shweta my dear

Yes it was lovely walking around in the night just after sunset, fresh air and a light breeze, those clouds looked promising but unfortunately no rain.
I hope you are feeling a little better sweetheart?
Dianne xo ♡

dianne said...

Thanks dearest Foamy

Pleased that you liked my photos, I mostly wanted to get the sky as the clouds were unusually dark and I was surprised when I took the first photo and how nice the lights looked.
I took these with my cell phone camera, I was dodging moving cars, keeping a trolley filled with shopping steady so that it did not bump into any cars so I think I did well. xo ♡

dianne said...

Thank you dearest Lamby

I'm pleased that you liked my photos, I must remember to carry my camera with me all of the time as so many photographic opportunities present themselves when I am out and about. xo ♡

boneman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dianne said...

Well I said Goodbye then because you put so much pressure on me to say Goodbye...I didn't want to and I told you that in numerous e-mails since and we did start communicating again and then you stopped and have ignored my e-mails ever since...I wanted to retain our friendship.
I removed your avatar because of this message you left at my earlier you tell me to remove them both.

Blogger boneman said...

well, it ain't me because I just tried three times (unsuccessfully) to remove my picture from here.

If you have mozilla (firefox) consider that you've clicked on some kind of stupid setting (just like I did...) and, it's up to you to find it.

If I find the setting or whatever, I will gladly come back here and tell you what I did and how to replicate it.

September 7, 2009 5:09 AM

But I changed my mind Boney because your face has been there for such a long time I think it is silly to be so childish.
I posted a comment at your blog earlier which you so conveniently removed, I have posted it again and I will post it here so that our friends realise that I am not being unfair to you.
And again I will post the comment that you just removed without a trace...check the time and date...

Yes well when you completely remove a comments box after I have left a some nice comments over at 'this is my art' I feel just a little hurt, then when I see my comments removed by blog administrator I know you have removed them and it looks kind of strange when you have made a reply to me but my comment has gone.
I see that you have removed your comments over at my blog I know that you have removed them so as to hurt me and a post you did for my anniversary. I thought well you don't want my comments after all so I removed some more from your blog but not out of spite... because I get the feeling you want to push me so far away its as if I didn't exist.
You will note that I have not removed any of your comments over at my have done that.

I'm happy for your new found love, I hope it all works out for you. You used to be my friend and I used to look forward to your e-mails, there was a time when you could hardly wait to e-mail me, I think the record was 72 in one day... now you just ignore mine.
I think its sad and a shame that you listen to those who don't really know me but denigrate me just the same and tell you not to keep in touch with me; I hope these people don't turn on your new love, do you need their permission to have a friend...
its a shame you don't listen to your heart and make up your own mind about our friendship becausee for the most part it was very special...well it was to me.

18 September, 2009 19:30

If you want to remove my avatar from your followers list and your avatar from my followers list go ahead, I'm not childish like you, I wouldn't be so mean as to remove your BLOG from my blog roll...I would just like some peace. I wonder about someone who can turn so easily on a friend and for what reason?

18 September, 2009 21:05

dianne said...

I wonder about a person who can say such sweet things to me,lead me on, gain my trust,then hurt me, abandon me, shut me out... just dispense with my friendship as if I had no feelings and I didn't matter at all,treat me as if I never existed...I have done nothing to hurt you, which prompts me to ask you 'what was your purpose' and 'what was my worth'?

boneman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dianne said...

Yes I did delete some comments and you have deleted many of mine at your blogs and here at my blog.
I dont happen to be a twit and I was a very good friend a much better friend than you deserved I would say, at least I tried to be and stuck by you through good times and bad.

I have read your latest post about me here it is, I have left a comment but you have comment moderation so I doubt if it will be published.
I have saved the page also and this is your latest attack on me.

18 September 2009
watch as dianne rants
The drama continues.
She won't listen to her friends.
she won't listen to her family.
she won't listen to me.

Well, go ahead and rant.
Rant all you damned well want for all I care.

You evidently have only one aim and that's to shut down my blogs
Well, piss off, Dianne.
I don't care what you want.
You're a liar and a whiner.

Is that plain enough for you?
Posted by boneman at 21:57 0 comments Links to this post

My reply went something like this...
I dont need other people to tell me whom I can choose for a friend, I don't need the approval of others to choose my friends I can make up my own mind.

Why would I want you to close down your blogs Boney, what purpose would that serve?
They are great blogs, many people including myself enjoy reading your posts and looking at your art.
Dis you use the oil pastel crayons I sent you for your latest drawing?

I am not a liar and I am not the one ranting, I am quite calm.
You seem to be the one who is ranting, throwing around all of the insults and telling me to piss off.

Yes that is plain enough for me, I wonder since you have comment moderation if my reply will get published.

That is why I have put it here.

dianne said...

And I see my comment about the beautiful trees has disappeared from your 'stuff I found on the net'post, very clever and without a trace...
no-one would know I have been ever there.
Very clever how you do that Boneman.

dianne said...

Gosh who is lying now, I see you have edited the insulting post and now you have added an old comment which I made on August 24 and am supposed to have made today...will you stop at nothing to discredit me?

dianne said...

Yes Boney dear

much sadness, I hope you came to this decision on your own without the prompting or influence from are after all dealing with a real person here...not some animated, unfeeling character from cyberspace.

So you have cut the ropes and severed the ties that bound us...and I will sail off into the 'Great Beyond'...
so I say Goodbye to you and farewell and wish you well...
fair winds to thee

You're a liar and a whiner.

Is that plain enough for you?
Posted by boneman at 21:57 0 comments Links to this post

/t. said...



dianne said...

I'm sorry you feel that way /t. ...I was just defending myself from someone who is trying to bring me down.

Anonymous said...

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