Saturday, September 19, 2009


Sorry, I didn't mean to bring my personal life back to the blogging world again for all to see, I have tried e-mail and been ignored...I'm sorry you feel this way Berry.
I'm sorry if the comments and arguments in the previous post have offended anyone, if so I apologise, I was just trying to put forward my side of the events and defend myself.
I realise this is not what blogging is all about but sometimes we have no choice in the matter and things have to be said wherever they can be when there is no alternative.
I have already lost one follower, well two, I'm sorry dear /t. that you have taken your support away from me, you would be one of the last people I would want to offend but I do understand, thank you for all the support you have given me in the past... ♥


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Dianne, Dear Dianne, a word of caring advice: move on.

It is doing you no good, all this stewing and all.

dianne said...

Thank you dearest J Cosmo

for your very thoughtful and wise advice...definitely time to let go of the past and get on with life.

I came very close to deleting my blog today and then I thought "for what"? there is no is going to wind me up and make me so unhappy.
My blog is so much a part of me, it is the spoken word of my thoughts and feelings and I still have so many positive and beautiful things to contribute and post. ♡

K9 said...

you know its too much when /t has finally had enough.

i will always support you and i am a true friend. as your ether sister i am advising you to stop doing this. no more apologies! no more flowers! no more poems or photographs or posts for or about boney. i never want to read "berry" in this space again.

there is an entire universe of content to blog about. i wouldnt mind seeing more of australia. your garden, your cats, interesting birds, food, skies....

i promise you, as God is my witness, you get on with the business of being about something, anything, other than romance and/or relationships and you will see a new world open up. this world you are living in is very very small.

as your rottweiler, i am advising you to leave boney alone. when you say goodbye? mean it.

now. buck up, go out and live!

dianne said...

Thank you K9 my dearest friend, sister and protector.

Yes enough is enough, I've had enough, I've been hurt enough already,how much am I supposed to take?
No more wasted words of love or flowers for the undeserving, he showed his true colours today and how callous and cruel he can be.

I'm sorry I have lost a friend in /t., I have sent him an apology and said that I do understand why he has withdrawn his support.

Yes I have a lot of living to catch up on instead of wishing for things that cannot be.

I will be posting some much more interesting items in the future, I have some bird pictures already.

Thank you so much for your support sweet friend, you have no idea how much I need a friend right now. xo ♡

puerileuwaite said...

Diane, please allow me to share a few, (hopefully rare) personal observations.

People blog for different reasons. I venture to say that the most of the bloggers I've encountered (and definitely gravitate towards), seem to blog because it represents an alternate, controllable, often irreverent, universe for expression, enjoyment and - a measured amount of anonymous comaraderie.

The "alternate" aspect implies an escape from constraints of reality. I immensely enjoy it, because - in my case - blogging is completely separate from real life. This protects both realms from each other.

The "controllable" aspect means - amongst other things - I/we can come and go as I/we please, free from sense of obligation. For instance, over the past 3-years I've "drifted away" from other bloggers when I lost interest in their blogs, politics, subject matter, personalities or - in a couple of cases - specifically their neediness or narcissism.

Conversely, I lost a few regulars when I started pushing boundaries of normalcy and good taste with my posts. That's okay though ... because early on I reminded myself that I need to blog (and ... [crossing over into reality for a moment] ... live my life) first and foremost by my standards ... even if that means not having an audience.

Trust when I say that I've had plenty of tragedy and disappointment in my life. As most have. But I choose to rise above, improve strength (spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical), and cut (and not dwell on) my losses. This requires constant vigilance.

Happiness is a choice. It does tend to attract others, but it should never be dependent upon them. Otherwise we become more plankton than human (or in MY case: Pug).

You have a lot of talent and creativity. I and others enjoy your blog for those reasons, but not for the emotional controversy. That is tedious, and is deconstructive.

You should keep your blog going. I simply recommend not wearing your heart on your sleeve when it comes to fellow bloggers. "Knowing" a blogger versus the actual person are two vastly different concepts.

I hope some of this helped.

foam said...

look at all this excellent advice ..

Lee said...

All excellent advice, Dianne.

There was a sense that a lot of good folk were trying to save you from drowning by dragging you to the shore, only to find you swimming back out into the middle of the lake again.

Time to stand up, dry off and walk away.

dianne said...

Thank you dear Puggles

you are very kind and thoughtful to write this to me and I do understand that people are drawn to happy and interesting posts not battles between two bloggers who have wandered into the realms of a behind the scenes relationship which was nice for such a long time then only to find that it has all gone awry and then it has become public.
Believe me I wanted it all to stay behind the scenes but sometimes when you are attacked publicly and there is no other way to defend yourself then it becomes necessary to stand up for yourself.
I think it is sad that it has come to this as I'm all for peace and harmony amongst our little group and I have eaten plenty of humble pie in order to keep the peace.
Its a shame that someone whom I thought was my friend would lash out at me in such a public way but its time to let go as he has made it perfectly clear that he wants nothing more to do with me and that I am not welcome in his life or at his blogs.
So I will endeavour to move on and get on with blogging. ♡

dianne said...

Thank you dearest Foamy

yes all excellent advice and Boneman has made it perfectly clear by ignoring me and by that post yesterday that I am not welcome...either in his life or at his blogs.
I have tried to salvage our friendship because I can't turn my feelings on and off at will and I think its a shame when people can no longer get on...his friendship did mean something to me...but I am not wanted so it is time to let go and move on.

It does make me sad though to have him think that any of my motives in trying to keep his friendship were devisive...he says my one and only aim is to shut down his blogs amongst that other diatribe he launched at me yesterday...where does a thought like that come from?
It doesn't make sense, I don't want him to close any of his blogs.
I thought we would both be here as bloggers with our own places of self expression, that we would be friends and that there would always be civility between us...

Again thanks dearest Foamy, I will try to get on with my life. xo ♡

dianne said...

Thanks dear Lee

Very kind of you to come here and comment...
No more wishing for things that cannot be, no more looking back and hoping for friendship,no more room for sentiment, no more room for expectation... it was made very clear to me yesterday that I am not wanted either in his life or at his blog.
Yes time to move... ♡

rotty on the run said...

now i am advising you to stop talking about it in the comments and make a new post!

dianne said...

Dearest friend and protector K9 ,
Mr Connell has a bit of trouble understanding some things or coming to terms with the truth.
I hope that he will read the comments so that he is fully aware that he was the one who abandoned me and that he was the one who told me to Piss Off .
I want him to understand that I am gone because of the despicable way he has treated me and for no other reason.
He is very cunning how he lashes out at me and manipulates comments and only prints part of my replies or just completely removes them so that I look bad in the eyes of the reader.
Well if he does have a conscience and I wonder if he does...he has to live with himself and his lies...
Meanwhile after he has trampled all over my feelings and hurt me its right back to business over at Time Flies as if nothing has happened and says "fine friend I turned out to be".
I notice the offending post has been withdrawn, just like the character attack on me in August...he goes off on the attack with his short temper, vile words and insults and then realises how bad it makes him look to others and he removes them...
meanwhile I am the victim and I'm the one who is made to look like the bad guy because I defend myself.
Thats not really fair but he gets away with it.
I really do appreciate your sincerity and friendship dear K9, you have been unwavering in your support of me...but I really have to think about this, I'm not sure that I want to keep on blogging now...
love from your friend Dianne xo ♡

Rott Weiler said...

you are not a victim unless you decide to be. i dont care what boney did does or ever will do you are the master of your fate. you are the owner and boss of your emotions. fair is a word in the dictionary and has no actual currency in the real world. i will tell you something about men: he doesnt need or care to understand anything about why you think feel or do anything. whatever he wrote on his blog is immaterial but what you are writing here in hopes of him reading it is very very damaging to you. you have to stop. seriously. it embarrasses me. this is tough love here. now pick up your sword, build some muscle and soldier the F on.

Shweta Tiwari said...

I don't know whether I'm the right person to say anything in this matter but all i want to say is that i feel that blog is a different part of life. And from this blog u have got so many frnds who care for you very much and whose support has always been with u and who keep on giving very nice advices to you.Thinking of not keeping blog anymore will be an injustice to all who have been with u through this blog. And u r such a creative person , it will be an injustice to ur creativity. Just Think about other many beautiful things you have got from this blog rather than very few bad things.
I wud suggest u to think twice before doing any such thing if you really value those beautiful things.
Take care

dianne said...

Thank you dear friend Rott Weiler :-) you are the greatest and very wise, I'm very lucky to have you as my friend.
Yes in the bigger picture none of what he says or thinks about me matters, I know my own truth.
Time to put all of this to rest and get on with it.
You will be pleased to hear that I went to a party yesterday afternoon and I had a lovely time. :-) ♡

dianne said...

Shweta dear friend, you can say anything you like to me and offer your advice.
What you say is true, I do still have many friends whom I value, including you...they are kind and have given me some good advice... well I hope I still have friends and followers.
I still feel I have something positive to offer here on my blog and I'm not going to let a few unpleasant experiences take that away from me or the friends who have stayed with me and supported me.
Time to rid myself of this sadness, it is not good for me or any of you.
Thanks sweet girl and take care. xo ♡

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