Thursday, February 19, 2009

PRIDE and its downfalls

Pride can do more harm than good...
Dont close your heart to love...
Dont turn away from love...



Helene (the Artist Formerly Known as Kate) said...

What no comments on the prior post? Will just have to put it here... you can always delete it! I wont mind.

I am sorry for your loss. I know, it hurts...

I LOVE the fact that you have decided to put yourself out there. I think you have to get up to bat to hit a home run! Getting some attention will do you a world of good. You are an attractive, caring, articulate person (all that and I havent ever met you... just read your words and say your photos...). You deserve to be happy and you are special!

As for the internet relationships, I love them. Not on a romantic level, but I have really developed some wonderful friendships from meeting bloggers etc. I have also been where you are, hurt.

I think you get to really know a persons heart here in virtual land... perhaps even their soul... but what you dont know is their 'real' life and all of the strings attached.

You dont know the stresses of every day. The real people pulling at them, needing them as much or more than you do. You dont know their job situation, financial worries, or bad habits. You dont know if you are just a diversion...

The one thought I will leave you with... it had to have felt great, when it was happening, to have had those intense feelings again... knowing that there was someone out there, that with all their flaws and quirkiness could send flutters through your stomach!

What you had was real, morn it, learn from it and move forward! Onto bigger and better things!

dianne said...

How sweet you are Helene , thanks for joining my band of followers and also for your caring advice.
You commented once before when he and I had our last skirmish.
He is a lovely guy and I think we got just about as close as anyone could in a virtual relationship...I don't mean in a sexual way, but there was some affection and I admired him for who he is.
I miss him so much, we had so many lovely conversations and a lot of the same ideals.
You do get to know a persons heart, he was my soul mate, though he didn't realise it and even though I wanted his love I was willing to compromise.
But I guess he didn't think that would work either, we had some disagreements over stupid things that didn't matter and even though I was willing to overlook all that had been said in anger he told me to go away.
No friendship...nothing...very sad and such a shame. ♡