Thursday, November 20, 2008


Oh great tide of green
Your beauty drifts before me
like an ocean of grass

Rolling down the meadow
and up the other side
Off into the distance
to where you meet the sky

How I wish I were the wind
that rides your soft green crest
Moving you in waves of light and shade
until it lets you rest

Moistened by the chill of dawn
sparkling dewdrops crown your mantle
slowly melting in the sun
to release your meadow scent

I walk barefoot within your midst
the cool of the earth beneath me
Surrounded by your swirling green
your beauty repletes me

If I could dwell within your realm
and stay with you forever
Listening to your meadow song
as it whispers on the wind...

Prose by Dianne

This prose was inspired whilst driving down the south coast of Sydney. The road meanders through the tall trees and the lush green of rain forest in a national park, through small townships, sometimes right out onto the coast where there is a beautiful view of rocky outcrops and the deep blue ocean.First of all there is a steep descent then the road starts to climb once more, this is where it brings you to a landscape of vast meadows and rolling hills; here you are confronted and moved by the sheer beauty and majesty of a green landscape of many hues. It is wonderful to watch the grasses in the meadows and on the hillsides, their movement fluid as the wind transforms them into waves and swirls of light and shade.


Anonymous said...

video & poem, dianne!

a morning sans words -- just what i need -- thanks!


puerileuwaite said...

Wow. You TRULY do have a gift (among many).

By the way, if anyone finds a pitching wedge in there, let me know.

foam said...

and again!!
lovely, just lovely, dianne ..
you paint with words.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

It's been I while since I was up there but you take me back again.

dianne said...

Thank you dear /t. , pleased that it brightened your morning. ♥

dianne said...

Thank you Puggles my love, wow, that's quite a compliment, I dont know about talents but I do have many endearing qualities. ♥

I dont know why you keep losing your golfing equipment, I have been looking for golf balls, a golf cart and now you have lost your wedge, you will have to be more careful my love. ♥ :-)

dianne said...

Thank you Foamie my dearest girl, wow another lovely compliment. ♥ :-)

You know I do try to paint with words because I want you all to feel what I feel, to experience the different nuances of what I write, like the colours, the emotions and even the scents. ♥

dianne said...

Thank you dear j cosmo I'm pleased my words could take you back there. ♥
It is such a lovely area with many beautiful vistas.
Have you driven on the the new 'Laurence Hargreaves Drive', some spectacular views from there? ♥

The Mess said...

Rather fun that these grass is from Sweden.

Do you remember this one?

An interesting note.. The music writer forgot to make breathing pauses to the one who plays The Fagott.. but as a pro he did what's exepted and was kinda blue in his face at the recording.

The Mess said...

Just as I pull the trigger..

It's an Oboe I'm talking about and nothing else :-)

dianne said...

Yes M my dear, that is beautiful scenery from your country, Sweden. ♥ :-)

Thank you for the link dear, I am not familiar with this song but I really like it, a flowing sensuous rhythm, yes I like the Oboe with its almost melancholy sound and the video looks great in sepia tones. ♥

The Oboe is just one of the reed instruments that I like; yes I can hear that there is no pauses for breathing space, yes the musician would be getting a bit blue in the face.
Do you like the Cello? It is one of my favourite string instruments, such a beautiful mellow sound. ♥

The Mess said...

I really like Cello it can be used for for a lot of tunes..

A bit strange my reply now. I'm sending it Saturday 22 but you'll have it stamped at Sunday 23...

Makes me wonder of all that time in between what could have happened during all these hours that now is whiped away.. will you always be one step ahead of my thoughts..

dianne said...

Yes M my dear, it can be used in many ways for a lot of tunes but I prefer the more traditional. ♥

Have a look at this link, really beautiful music and cello.

Yes your comment is date stamped Sunday 23, yes one wonders what happened to all those hours that got wiped away, well I have been very busy, dont know what you're up to. I have listened to 'Twist in your Sobriety' about five times now.
And yes I guess I will always be one step ahead of your thoughts but when you do send them they are always nice.
Enjoy this music. ♥

The Mess said...

Yes very nice, the music too ;-)

Something different but also a women with a lot of guts..

dianne said...

Thanks for the link dear M , I went there but found quite a number of videos, I didn't know which specific artist you meant me to watch? : -) ♥

The Mess said...

If you do that copy-paste thing you ought to get the song I thought about :-)

The Mess said...

Wow again it's 24:th this evening and i'm poor as.. but in the comment it's 25:th and I would have got my salary! hmm.. can I borrow your computer to pay some bills? :-)

dianne said...

I did copy-paste M dear, but there were many choices of videos. ♥
Lol, you're funny...OK, you can borrow my computer!
Those bills never stop do they? :-)