Saturday, August 4, 2018

The Risk of Love ...

The risk of love is loss 
and the price of loss is grief. 
But the pain of grief 
is only a shadow 
when compared with the pain 
of never risking love.

Hilary Stanton Zunin  


Anonymous said...

How true. It's all about risk. I looked up to the sunset yesterday, wondering. Watching. The green ray? Eric Rohmer made a film called The Green Ray. You really ought to watch it, Dianne. Does the girl eventually see The Green Ray? You'll have to watch it to find out. What is The Green Ray? Watch it, to find out. What a film. So quiet. So subtle. A girl wondering is she will ever find out the truth. She does. Take care. C.B.

dianne said...

Hello dear my dear C.B.! It was so lovely to hear from you again. I hope that you are well?
I just noticed the time stamp on your comment. I was looking at the early morning sky at the sane time.. A deep blue with beautiful twinkling stars. One shone more brightly than the others. I was hoping I would hear from you soon.
As I said in my previous comments you are here with me for a brief moment in time, then you are gone and I can never catch up to you. I reach out but you have already left. I wonder each day how you are and hope you are having a good day. I hope you enjoyed your time in Richmond Park? Have you visited any other interesting places recently?

I remembered a television series I used to watch and enjoy, "The Barchester Chronicles". Alan Rickman was the odious Mr Obadia Slope. Have you ever watched it?

I have watchdd the film The Green Ray. You recommended it to me many years back. It seems like such a long time ago. Yes, it is a lovely film, subtle, so beautiful. From what I can remember Delphine is feeling a little lost and out of place after her friend cancels on their holiday plans. Some beautiful scenery in the film, I remember some lovely flowers as Delphine wanders around in her loneliness. She does eventually meet a lovely young man, Jacques I think. They catch a train to Bayern and they do watch the sun setting and see the green ray. She doesn't feel alone any more. I have the film on my computer which is not working at present but I shall enjoy watching the film again once it is repaired.

I hope the weather has not been too hot for you? Some of my friends in the UK, in Kent, Derbyshire and London have mentioned the unbearable heat. Our farmers here and their animals are suffering because of the drought. It is very sad. I am trying to conserve water as its not a never ending resource. I think we will have water restrictions again soon as the dam levels drop. I guess you had plenty of fresh water on your farm in France? Lots of pristine water from the melting snow on the mountains?
Please take care and come back soon. I think of you every day and hope that you have some happiness in your life.
Much love, Dianne xoxox

dianne said...

Hello dear C.B., I don't know if you have stopped by recently but I hope that you are well? There is a beautiful chorus of birds singing this morning, they began about half an hour ago at daybreak. I wonder how they can be so cheerful when it is only 4'C outside, such brave little creatures they are. Take care my dear!
Much love, Dianne xoxo