Saturday, July 7, 2018

Where Are You Mon Ami?

Where are you dear one? I look for you each day but cannot find a message from you or feel your presence? 
I miss you so much and I am concerned for your health and your well being! 
I hope you are not ill or worse? How would I know? 
Please contact me and let me know how you are? That you are well. I have no way of finding you over the vast distance which separates us. Please take care dear one. 

Much love, Dianne xoxox 


Anonymous said...

Here I am. I'm always here. Ne t'inquiète pas.

I went to Southampton today. I happened to visit a department store whilst walking around there. 35C in the shade outside. Blisteringly hot. Stifling, in fact.

I looked around the lingerie section in the store. Not for any particular reason. I was simply passing through. Just looked here, there and everywhere about, felt material. Not impressed.

"Hello there. Are you OK, there, sir? Looking for something particular, sir? First time, is it, sir?", a young blond-haired girl of 18 asked.

"Where is the leather, young girl? You know, the satin, the genuine silk? This is just stuff for kids? Man-made fibres, what do you call this awful material, I detest it? Artificial plastic like the modern generation of plastic morals? Where is the proper stuff, I asked? This is just for teenagers. Where is the proper stuff? The real silk from oriental silkworm. Do you know what a silkworm is?" She blushed red.

"Don't treat me as an amateur, next time, don't be patronising to me, do you understand?"

"No, sir. I'm so sorry, sir. Perhaps the big department store ****** in the high street may be of more help to you, sir. They have real material."

"I would consider it, if I was looking, which I am not, thank you."

I hate that. They think they can freely talk disdainfully of the older gentleman or gentlewoman. They cannot. I detest that in that modern generation that surrounds us, who are convinced of some special ownership of what? Indeed.

You must have suffered the same at times. Treating me like I do not know things that they know. Presumptuous, hateful, unthinking girls.

What exactly have they got? What do they have of so much power? Nothing. It could be measured in one's hand.

The fact is, I was simply walking around. Cannot they let people simply do that without thinking they have to be spoken to, or sold to? I get weary of this world of pushy people and sometimes, rarely, I retaliate. Advertising, selling, what is it, except a form of graphic pornography for mere profit. I detest it in all its forms. Artificial. Fake. I never requested it to be forced upon me. It is unsolicited.

Moving on to the weather. It is indeed hot here, Dianne. So much so, I lay naked at night, somewhat weakened by the heat. All I can do, is gaze at the ceiling, hot, so hot. In every sense I am hot. If only for some relief from this scorching heat. It is very unusual for this county of Hampshire or any of the Home Counties. Very hot.

Now I know, what is must be like in New South Wales in the hot season. Perhaps, unbearable? I have been drinking water like a fish. And lying here, I have been wondering... many, many things. The stars at night, they are so beautiful. Can I only see them and no one else? Surely not.

I thought of you once, twice, maybe more, this last week. Not so strange is it, as we know each other a little? Dianne, one thing, beauty is something I understand is beyond the physical, the emotional, it's beyond anything that can be described in plain words. You have a way, I like. A way with words. When you write one of your original poems, I read slowly and carefully. I am somewhat, what a word, enthralled. As for the first time.

My thoughts meander in and out around the bushes and the trees. C.B.

dianne said...

Hello dear C.B., I'm so pleased that you are here, I was worried but I shall try not to worry! I hope that you are well despite the heat? I thought you might have thought I was ignoring you since I didn't reply to your last message straight away. I am still not receiving Email alerts when someone leaves a comment and apparently it is a problem with Blogger. I hope to remedy it soon.

The heat must be unbearable for you since your Summer weather is usually much more mild and comfortable. Our Summer temperatures are getting warmer too, the mercury reached the low 40's last Summer, it was unbearably hot with no relief at night. Trying to sleep was difficult, I just wore a loose cotton nightdress and put a fan in my bedroom, the relief of sleep finally came from exhaustion.
Yes, drink lots of water so that you stay hydrated. I hope you get some cooler days soon.

I'm sorry you had an unpleasant time whilst perusing the underwear department of the store you escaped to for some relief from the heat. You sounded very disgruntled with the young shop assistant. One has to go and find a shop assistant here to get any help in the larger department stores. Either that or you get some pushy salesperson annoying you. Thank fully inhave had some pkeasant shopping experiences. She was presumptuous to say that to you. She is probably inexperienced and I don't think they are given much training in customer service or are familiar with the merchandise they are selling.
I have never sought or worn leather underwear. I did have some beautiful silk and lace undergarments many years back but it is difficult to find now and very expensive. Everything seems to be synthetic and not comfortable to wear next to ones skin. However I have found some comfort and pretty styling in blends containing bamboo fibres and if I am lucky some inexpensive silk and satin! I like pretty things!

I saw the stars in the early hours of this morning! One star was particularly bright and I thought it might be a sign that I would hear from you. The sunsets are beautiful at present and when the evenings are cold and the sky is clear of clouds the stars look wonderful.

I think of you every day and night, thoughts of you are with me often. I wonder how you are, what you might be doing and that you are well and happy.
I'm so pleased that you enjoy my poems, they express my feelings of how I perceive the world, love, nature, from my heart. So many are written just for you.

I often imagine seeing you in a garden, a figure without a face I recognise, a person with warmth admiring the trees and flowers. Enjoy your meandering dear one and please sometimes think of me...I will be dreaming of being there enjoying them with you.
Take care, much love, Dianne. xoxox

dianne said...

I am missing you already! Yes, beauty is as you say beyond the physical, beyond anything which can be described in words, yet I feel there is an emotional component, a connection. When speaking of seeing you as figure in a garden with a face I do not recognise, you have a face I have formed from an emotional attachment, from your words and kindnesses to me, it is difficult to explain. Since I have never seen your face I have had to imagine what you look like. This face to me is strong and kind with a certain beauty. The internet is a very public place, I have seen many of your comments left at other blogs using one of your former character names. I found it amusing as two people were contemplating what you would look like and one suggested 'Hugh Laurie'!
I realise physical appearance should not be important but to me he is not attractive at all.
Nothing like I imagine, so I shall return to my imaginary world always wondering if you shall ever let me see your real face!
Take care, much love dear one!

Crissi said...

All the best my dear!Be happy!
♥hugs and ♥kisses Crissi

dianne said...

Thank you dear Crissi for your sweet wishes! I am ok with my life but obviously I could be happier but I feel my time has passed.
❤️Hugs and kisses dear friend!
Dianne xoxox

dianne said...

Dear C.B. I do hope you read my replies I left to your message you left at the Pablo Neruda poem I posted? They were important. X

Anonymous said...

Hydrangea. It was all about Hydrangea. Richmond Park and Hydrangea. And love.

dianne said...

Hydrangeas are so beautiful! So is love! I wish I had been there with you.
Did you leave a comment dear one? I do hope you have left this message for me as I have missed you.
There was a west wind blowing late last night, it was cold but so fresh. I went outside and stood in the darkness and listened to the song of the leaves as they sang in the breeze. The sky was a deep blue pierced with sparkling stars and I thought of you. So beautiful! I wondered where you might be.
I have been trying to write a poem with no success. I do hope you are faring well in this heatwave you are experiencing? I hope that you are well? Some of my UK friends had some rain yesterday, which was most welcome.
The Seasons pass so quickly. Soon it will be Soring, then Summer and I shall be standing outside again looking at the sky on balmy evenings. The cool air a respite from the heat of the day. The moist air fragrant with the scent of flowers and the wet grass.
I often look at the sky and wonder how you are. Please come back soon?
Much love, Dianne xoxo

dianne said...

You're gone before I can catch up to you! Don't you have any more to say to me? X