Saturday, December 23, 2017

What was this world...

What was this world 
before I knew you were inside it?
Did I know, always, 
before confirmation came,
did I feel you 
like a phantom limb, 
an ache across the darkness 
I couldn't see beyond, 
did I wake in the nights, 
sit up straight 
to the lack I knew you'd fill?
Was this an intuition 
born into me, 
did I always know the spin 
of the soil below me 
when you were away, 
the slow when you came near? 
How did you make me forget, 
or was it always us 
orbiting around one another 
waiting to begin again, 
each time waiting 
to understand. 

Tyler Knott Gregson
For my dearest friend C.B.
Can you please still be my friend?
Your friendship is precious to me.


Crissi said...

Wonderful words! I wish you a merry, peaceful, happy Christmas,
♥hug and ♥kisses Crissi

dianne said...

Thank you dear Crissi for your kind words and wishes! I hope you are well? Wishing you a happy and peaceful Christmas!
Hugs❤️and❤️kisses, Dianne!

Joanna said...

Piękne słowa, dziękuję Tobie! Pozdrawiam serdecznie!

dianne said...

Dziękuję, droga Joanna, za miłe słowa!