Saturday, July 22, 2017

Sunny Hours

Sunny hours
scented flowers
skies of blue
words so true
songs of birds
whispered words
sighing grasses
in the breeze
wind stirs softly
through the leaves
fall to earth
with floating ease
words like heartbeats
leafy bowers
love in blossom
like the flowers
heartfelt memories
fill the hours...

Poem - Dianne Dawes - ♥
For dear C.B 
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dianne said...

Hello dearest C.B., I see you have stopped by recently, I am sorry I haven't had any poems for you, sorry I missed a conversation we might have had. I hope that you are well dear one? I haven't been inspired to write poetry or prose, I just cannot find the words to convey my feelings. I have been thinking a lot about my life recently, which perhaps is not constructive, too many wasted years. I have failed to accomplish all that I had hoped to achieve and the years are passing too quickly. I wish I had travelled when I was younger instead of marrying. I feel I have missed out on so much. I was reading about a youngish couple who moved to France 10 years ago and have bought an old house in the region of the Loire Valley. They have lots of land, with trees and beautiful wildflowers, hens and they grow many of their own vegetables. On Saturday evening they attended a dinner at a chateau, Diner en Blanc! Outdoors in the garden in elegant surroundings. How romantic that would be! Don't worry, this disquiet will pass, it usually does.I hope you will enjoy this poem?
Please come back soon?
Much love dear one, your friend D.D. xoxoxox

Blogoratti said...

Hello and thanks for sharing the wonderful poem and your thoughts. Alas, we must make do with the time we have now, it is okay to think and reflect on life and things. It happens to us all. But what I have found out is that focusing not on failed accomplishments but actually listing successful achievements helps. In the end, we live and we learn and it is never too late to do something or try to achieve something. Our paths are not all the same.

I hope you take good care and wish you all the best always.

Anonymous said...

The poem is good. I like.

I was just thinking these last few days. About a lot of things really. I don't know if there is a point in making a film to move any further forward from Kieslowski's The Double Life or Three Colours series.

I mean, one needs sensitivity to feel and this world lacks such sensitivity, I feel. Yet, Kieslowski chose to not give in and still went ahead to make his films all those years ago.

My film hopes to continues from a hand on the tree. It's not HER hand, of course not. A hand from someone in a similar situation, a similar life, a similar background.

So, I haven't given up. Yet. I have so many intense images in my mind that I would like to be included in my imagined film that is in my mind. Intense in the sense of importance, of important meaning, of necessariness (is that a real word?).

You know, I feel so strongly about this. I want to make something of relevance, of importance, but not to this mass, general world of stupid physical people. Many are heartless. Hurtful. Inconsiderate. Blunt. Insensitive. There, I said it. Insensitive.

So, yet, Kieslowski still decided to go ahead and make his films. Why? Why did he bother? For that one, two, spiritual persons, who would watch them and understand the vital importance and meanings of what he was trying to convey? I don't know really.

Of course, it has to be a matter of faith. Maybe, his faith was stronger than mine in the possibility of a person able to watch his films and get the gist of them, in the spiritual sense? It's not as if the films are about real Doppelgangers, or shared emotions, or a French girl or a Polish girl, at all.

In addition, I have to contend with all the limitations of the camera (focus, depth of field, colour saturation, contrast, sharpness), the microphone, the physical capturing bit (does the physical camera even capture anything important at all?) yes, the things which a real, breathing live human being is so easily able to without hindrance.

I pull my hair out regularly. I remember the intense interviews which Kieslowski gave. What a struggle for him. How to put it into words for a contemporary audience or interviewee more accustomed to an intake of mindless, inconsequential nonsense?

Anyway, I haven't given up yet. Kieslowski said that all that might be possible is that one could try to get closer, even if it's only millimetres closer, to an understanding of what is important in life, really important in life, and try to hint at it in film, literature or any means that humans have created for themselves.

Finally, on the same subject, I was walking in London a couple of days ago, from Calvert 22 art gallery, and I was on the other side of a narrow street when I saw a young man, 20's, sitting on the pavement by a old brown suitcase. Ashley, his name. Where you going, I asked. No, nowhere. Do you want help? Don't know, no thanks. I said, 'Get on those good knees that you have'. Are you listening? Yes. Really get down. Ask for help from the good God and it will happen. Do you believe that? Yes, I do, I believe in God. I just... I... Right, don't worry, I said. You see, he has a timetable, you'll understand that in time. Anything you want, he'll give it to you, in his time. I suppose you're hungry? Well, yes sir. The street was quite empty. Had been, for a good few minutes.

Then, and just absolutely then, a middle-aged Chinese man came right up to him, just alongside me, with a paper bag in his hand and spoke to the young man, 'Vould you like meal, pleaze?'

I looked at the young man beside the old brown suitcase and walked away, turned to him and said, 'Can you see now? Do you understand now?' The young man had tears streaming down his face and the Chinese man was nowhere to be seen.

That's what it's a bit about. Something to do with faith and everything NOT to do with humanity or human kindness. We're instruments at the end of the day, nothing more, nothing less.

I bid you a fine evening, dear Dianne. C.B.

dianne said...

Dearest CB
I have read and reread your message a number of times. I can imagine making a film is very difficult both emotionally, physically, technically and also frustrating! You have these intense images in your head, parts of a story you want to convey but putting them into words, into a script will be very challenging I feel. It's like trying to create something tangible out of your feelings and hopefully you will be satisfied with the what you have created. You are quite harsh on your fellow man, yes many of us are lacking in empathy, are stupid, blunt, hurtful and insensitive as you have stated but not all of us and remember not everyone is as sensitive and as intelligent as you. I am sure you have something of great beauty, importance, of spiritual value to impart in a film in fragments in your head, dialogue, scenes, waiting to be tied, collated together to make a complete story. You can put so much of yourself into the storyline of a film but you will find that some things are too subtle to be noticed by some and in the end it's up to the viewers interpretation of what they have seen and what they have felt...that is what they will take away with them. I'm sure when your film is completed many people will be moved, touched by what you have created. In making this film please don't get too mired down in the process to the point where you make yourself ill. Nothing is worth that. Please take care of yourself, I don't like to read that you are pulling out your hair in frustration. People and the world will never be as we would wish. Yet there is goodness when we least expect it, your encounter with the young man and his brown suitcase, it probably contained all that he owned. Your kindness in stopping to help and the Chinese man with some food for him. Please take care dear one, you are in my thoughts every day.
Much love, your friend, Dianne xxxxx