Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Morning Hopes...

In the silent moments
Before sunrise
When dawn faintly
Tints the sky
I awake from my dreams
In quiet anticipation
Hoping the morning light
Will bring your words to me
Still wrapped in the warmth
Of my slumber
I read your gentle words to me
Like rose petals they fall around me
And I feel you are there close to me...
Now and I hope no longer
Do you feel so far away...

Prose - Dianne Dawes - ♥
For my dear friend C.B.


dianne said...

Dearest C.B., I have left some messages and links for you in the comments of the previous post.
Yours most sincerely, your friend Dianne

Blogoratti said...

A poignant piece, solemn yet vivid enough to strike a chord. Well done, and warm greetings!

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

Lovely lines !

Rahul Bhatia said...

Loved those lines !

dianne said...

If you have visited dear C.B., I'm sorry but I am still working my way through the last chapter of the book. I was last reading the page where Lady Danvers arrives unannounced with her nephew. I was so disturbed by her treatment of Pamela and that of her nephew I could not sleep. I realise this is only a book but I'm sure this kind of censure and cruelty was inflicted on young women of a supposed lower class. I cannot believe the names Pamela was called by this wretched woman and being held against her will. She reminded me of Lady Catherine de Bourgh when she arrived unannounced to see Elizabeth Bennet and berated her and gave her a dressing down having heard rumours of her being engaged to her nephew Mr Darcy. I don't know how many more pages I still have to read. It is a hard read but I will continue as you have recommended this book to me. Be patient with me please my dear.
Yours most sincerely, your friend Dianne. X

Anonymous said...

Dear Dianne, I am on the same chapter. Just why is it so long?! Persevere we must, I fear. There must be resolution toward the end. Does she really marry him? And why? He changes?

They say that marriage works like this: The woman spends the rest of her life trying to change her husband, while the husband spends the rest of his life trying to keep her the same as when they first met!

Yesterday, I went to Apple Court Gardens (

It was very pleasant and quiet. The garden aisles are very secret and hidden. Lovely! No one was there. A beautiful series of linked ponds with water lilies floating gently with my memories. I like quiet. Solitude. I feel better very quickly.

Tomorrow, I might meet someone from a very, very long time ago. More than 30 years, plus. But should I? Or should I just watch them from afar? I don't know. I prefer to watch these days. In anonymity. We'll see. Take care, C.B.

dianne said...

Dearest C.B., it was lovely to awake to your message this morning, it seems like such a long time since I have heard from you.

I thought you might have finished the book by now. I am still reading the last chapter which seems to go on forever. Apparently this chapter is more than 440 pages! Pamela has escaped her captor Lady Davers and is now with her master's friends. She is in the process of describing her ordeal to her master and his friends. I find the change in his personality incredible and now Pamela has changed from being terrified of him to loving him dearly. I don't know if the marriage which took place in her master's chapel was genuine or a "sham" marriage. I hope she has not been deceived once again. It is not the most engrossing book I have read but I have enjoyed being an observer for some of the time I have spent in Pamela's world. I will persevere and read on as I am curious to see how it ends!

Your description of marriage does not say much for institution, nor recommend it. Some wives remain the same and become more loving in the security of marriage, knowing they are loved and cherished...some even when they are not cherished, for love is about giving!

Your visit to Apple Court Gardens must have been enjoyable. Solitude, secret and hidden garden aisles sounds romantic. The flowers must have been lovely and fragrant in the sunshine. The ponds and water lilies so pretty, water always sounds so soothing. I have always been fascinated by hedgerows. I think they are beautiful with all of their wildflowers and the birds and small animals they support. I have a friend in Derbyshire who is a farmers wife. They raise cattle and have many fields and paddocks surrounded by hedgerows. She has four cats and many pet chickens.
She kindly sent me some photos of some of the flowers which are now in flower. Honeysuckle which I love and three varieties of wild roses. So beautiful!

It would be nice to meet your friend after all of those years which have passed. Though I can't advise you for you may wish to stand back and observe them from afar. It depends on whether you contacted them, in that case perhaps you should meet them. If your friend is a lady, then I am a little envious, for she will get to see your face and have the pleasure of your company and the delight of your presence. Enjoy your Sunday!

If you should ever wish to email me my address is still on my blog in my profile. Take care dear one, much love, your friend, Dianne. X

Anonymous said...

I was thinking...

If Nanni Moretti hadn't been predisposed, Krzystof would've chosen him for Alexandre Fabbri instead of Philippe Volter, or maybe he might've chosen the well-known Italian actor, Gianni Morandi. Who knows? Such is chance.

Here's a couple of hits of Gianni from 1965: "If I had no more" & "I'm not worthy of you" -

Love. Simple. It's not complicated. Mes amitiés, C.B.

dianne said...

Good morning dearest C.B. It was lovely to find your words here this morning when I first awoke at 4.40am...always a pleasure! It was so cold I had to get up and put another cover on my bed. Bob Biscuits was asleep at the end of my bed so I covered him too.

I had a look at the link, I'm not sure that Gianni Morandi would have been suitable to play the part of Alexandre Fabbri. Perhaps Nanni Moretti would have been a good choice but having seen the film I feel that Philippe Volter was right for the part. He had a presence and a sensitive and quiet demeanour. What made you think of the other actors?

Did you meet your friend last weekend? If you did I hope you had a pleasant time. I was wondering if you kept your anonymity and watched from a distance? Sometimes it is better to leave the past where it is.

Love is a beautiful feeling to share with someone, Simple? I don't know. Complicated? Love itself is not, it's just the other factors and circumstances which get in the way sometimes.

I hope you are well and enjoying the Summer weather when it's not too hot? Have you visited any other beautiful gardens this week? You seem to have so many from which to choose.

I still haven't finished the book, I feel
embarrassed that it is taking me so long. I read a little each evening when I have the time.

I hope you are well? Please take care dear one, I hope to hear from you again soon as I always miss you as soon as I have read your messages and know that you have left. Much love, your friend, Dianne!