Sunday, July 30, 2017

Nature's Abundance...

I love the play of light on leaves
Their ever changing colours 
The sighing of the meadow grass
When dancing in the breeze 
The flowers with their petals bright 
Dazzling passing bees
Dragon flies on lily pads
Their wings of spun gold 
Little fishes bob their heads 
Ripples on the water
Damsel flys dart here and there
Suspended in the air
Butterflies flit from flower to flower 
Gossamer wings so fair
All this beauty I behold 
The abundance of nature...

Poem - Dianne Dawes - ❤️
Image from Internet 
For my dear friend C.B.


dianne said...

Hello dear C.B. I am hoping you will stop by this weekend or week. I managed to compose another poem this afternoon whilst pondering the beauty of nature. I love natural ponds with their water plants and grasses and all of the life they support. Also grassy meadows with wildflowers, something intrinsically beautiful about both.
I hope you are well and have had a good week? I also hope the pieces of your story are falling into place? Take care dear one, much love, your friend Dianne. xoxox

Anonymous said...

Alone In The Wind, On The Prairie Vachel Lindsay

I know a seraph who has golden eyes,
And hair of gold, and body like the snow.
Here in the wind I dream her unbound hair
Is blowing round me, that desire's sweet glow
Has touched her pale keen face, and willful mien.
And though she steps as one in manner born
To tread the forests of fair Paradise,
Dark memory's wood she chooses to adorn.
Here with bowed head, bashful with half-desire
She glides into my yesterday's deep dream,
All glowing by the misty ferny cliff
Beside the far forbidden thundering stream.
Within my dream I shake with the old flood.
I fear its going, ere the spring days go.
Yet pray the glory may have deathless years,
And kiss her hair, and sweet throat like the snow.

Pour Dianne, mes amitiés, C.B.

dianne said...

Thank you dearest C.B. for this most beautiful poem, you find the most wonderful poetry to share with me. It has an "other worldly" feeling to it, yet its content is very much of this world, it is very romantic!

It was a lovely surprise to find your message this morning, I have missed you. I hope you are well and have had a pleasant week and weekend? I wonder have you visited any more grand gardens recently! I always think of you when I think of flowers and walking in gardens. There are daisies on my window sill for you! Always!

I have not had a great week, one day seems to drift into the next, with no change. I must not complain, probably so much better than the days of others...and I do have so much to be grateful for. Amongst the most treasured being messages from you! I also enjoy mornings, the light, the birds singing, the fresh cool air. Mornings always hold the hope of change, the promise of new beginnings, a sense of anticipation and optimism.

I have included some words from a quote which I saw and liked on the internet. Not as lovely as your poem but they did speak to me. I hope you will enjoy them too.
Meanwhile, take care dear one! I always look forward to your messages.
Much love, your friend Dianne! X

"In the silence of the ticking of the clock’s minute hand, I found you. In the echoes of the reverberations of time, I found you. In the tender silence of the long summer night, I found you. In the fragrance of the rose petals, I found you. In the orange of the sunset, I found you. In the blue of the morning sky, I found you. In the echoes of the mountains, I found you. In the green of the valleys, I found you. In the chaos of this world, I found you. In the turbulence of the oceans, I found you..."
Avijeet Das

Deus Carmo said...

Lindo poema.voltarei a vistar seu blogue.