Saturday, May 13, 2017

At The End Of The Day...

After all of the troubles of the day 
And there have been many
The daily problems
That just won't go away 
My life in constant turmoil
The beauty of the flowers 
Is not enough to console me
Though I have dreamt it
And I know it could never be
At the end of the day
How lovely it would be
To look to you for comfort 
And find myself wrapped 
In the warmth of your arms tonight...

Poem - Dianne Dawes -
For my dear friend C.B.
Rose Wallpaper


Crissi said...

Good morning my dear friend,
Thank you for your wonderful words.
I wish you all the best - stay healthy!
Happy weekend.
♥Hug Crissi
God bless you

dianne said...

Hello Crissi dear friend, thank you for your kind words and wishes. I hope you are well and also your kitties?
Happy Weekend and God bless you!
Hugs, Dianne xoxoxo ❤️

Anonymous said...

My arms are as big as me! Sometimes being big has disadvantages, you know. My shoe size is 11. I tend to hit the top of doorways, well, definitely those in Jane Austen's house in Chawton. Why couldn't they make them taller? Silly. Constantly banging my head in some of the stately homes I visit. Ouch! When I was a teenager, I had a sudden growth spurt. No, it's was not fun, more embarrassing in more ways than one! Perhaps, I really do need a tall woman to match me! Many, many years ago, I made the acquaintance of a petite girl who desired a big man on her arm. What a big mistake, on my part! But you learn from your mistakes, they say, and I've made some big mistakes. Most importantly, I like solitude in a woman. The quiet demeanour of a humble lady. Deep respect for the man. Things like that. Am I old-fashioned? I think not. I would like to wrap my big arms around a deserving lady but she would have to be very special. Flowers have always been close to my heart. Rose petals spread out are lovely but the scent of tea tree has even a bigger effect on me. I just love the scent of tea tree. Is it OK to admit that? The scent of tea tree that is not over the top but subtle. When a shop counter girl puts the right one on a white card for me to smell, well, I give her such a deep look, it sometimes frightens her! Have a lovely evening, my friend. C.B.

dianne said...

Hello dear C.B., I am so pleased that you have replied, I was concerned my poem might have embarrassed you. I had second thoughts after publishing as I hoped you would not find me too open and forward. I can think of nothing more lovely than being held by you or for you to hold my hand. It's been decades since I have had any romantic warmth and affection. Daydreams! Perhaps you should give a tall woman a chance, we are just as feminine and demure as our petite sisters, perhaps more so. I am quiet and respectful, a whole day can go by without uttering a word. I don't believe in idle chit chat, though I do talk to my cats.
It's not old fashioned to expect deep respect. In a relationship there should be mutual respect. Also love, loyalty, trust, to be faithful, to be supportive, kind and affectionate.
You deserve someone very special, someone worthy of your generous spirit.
Growth spurts can be awkward and embarrassing. Being tall is good, apart from hitting your head on low doorways. Ouch! I think most people of Jane Austen's era were shorter, probably due to poor nutrition. When I had my growth spurt my legs kept getting longer and longer plus some other changes. I was always very thin but developed some curves so that was nice. Roses are lovely and some other flowers have a lovely fragrance. You made me laugh, of course its OK to admit you like the fragrance of tea tree but only if it is subtle. I have never heard of a tea tree perfume, alright I guess
if it was very subtle but I cannot imagine wearing it myself. I use the oil as an antiseptic. I have a lemon scented tea tree in the garden, it has a lovely lemon scent. Green tea in perfumes is refreshing, I have one which is lovely and fresh, I like it because it is light.
It is always lovely to hear from you, you bring so much happiness. Please come back soon. Please remember to stop frightening shop girls on perfume counters! :-) Take care dear one, much love, your friend D.D.! X

dianne said...

Hello again dear C.B., I am intrigued, would you please tell me the name of the tea tree perfume or cologne you have found so appealing? The perfume I mentioned is Elizabeth Arden, Green Tea Scent Spray, Eau Perfumee Vaporisateur. It is not expensive like my Chanel and Bvlgari. It has some very interesting ingredients. I only use a little but when I wear it I receive many compliments, which is nice.
I will say Goodnight now dear one, time for me to sleep as its 2.53am!