Sunday, May 7, 2017

A Bouquet of Lilies

A bouquet of lilies
So pure, so white
Blossoms for friendship
For love
Rapt in a mist of fragrance
Evoking the essence of Spring...

Prose - Dianne Dawes -
For my dear friend C.B.


Anonymous said...

I am returning from Vilnius very soon. The lilies and their scent. Pure... heavenly. Here, in the city on the north bank of the Neris, are Japanese trees about to burst into pink blossom. I think in a few days time. I will miss them. :-( You are special. Aren't flowers just wonderful? Innocent, smiling, uplifting. So nice. Oh, I wish. I wish I could return to the better times. Not the wishful, rose-tinted times. But the times I remember of innocence and simple joys. The mountains. The wild strawberries in the sloping fields by the pine forests. What scents! Of laughing madly, running through fields of green grass. Of collapsing onto horizontal pine logs and breathing, breathing pine-filled air. Breathing until my heart was quietened and tranquil and still and respectful and contemplative. Great God, why me? Why permit me of all people to enjoy such serene ecstasy? What had I done to deserve such grace? The glowing orange setting sun in the tree tops slowly answered my questions with majestic power and quietness. Yet it was me that should have been more humble and lowered my eyes in respect. Do zobaczenia, mój drogi przyjacielu, C.B.

dianne said...

Yes, dear C.B., flowers are wondeful, they give us so much pleasure, with their beauty and fragrances. Their innocent, happy faces lift our spirits. It is refreshing to know a man who can appreciate the true beauty of flowers. Wild flowers have their own special beauty, their loveliness popping up amongst the grasses in fields and meadows. It is a shame that you will miss the pink blossoms, they are very pretty, I guess they are cherry trees, or perhaps plums. I also love the white blossoms of certain fruit trees. I'm sure there will be more blossoms to admire when you return to Hampshire. Fragrances evoke so many memories from the past, usually pleasant memories of happy experiences which have touched us and left a lasting impression in our subconscious. Brought back by the fragrance of a flower, leaf or some other scent or taste. It is amazing how we can recall such memories.
I was watching excerpts from "The Song of Lunch" while you were writing this message to me. I hadn't thought of it for a while, then early this morning I felt a need to watch it. So sad that Alan Rickman has gone, far too young to die. I am certainly not one to have a vast wardrobe of clothes, mine are simple but I really did like that white dress which Emma Thompson was wearing, so lovely and elegant. I have never owned a lovely dress like that. If I could go back in time my life would be so different now.
You speak of the beauty of your days running through fields of green grass, laughing, the taste of wild strawberries, the scent of the pine forests, such beautiful memories of innocence and joy. And you ask why you, why should you experience such moments of extreme ecstasy? Why not you dear one? You are a beautiful person, one whom appreciates the many subtle experiences that life and nature give us.
It would be lovely to return to the time of innocent pleasures, when we were young and our lives were ahead of us with so much hope and promise. I still have my moments of joy from the most simple of pleasures. I love walking through the grass and finding something beautiful like a lonely wildflower or a pretty leaf. I still have many happy memories of my days of childhood innocence and your beautiful words so I am most fortunate.
Take care dear one, it is always so lovely to hear from you.
Much love, Dianne xoxoxo

Joanna said...

Wspaniałe słowa! Pozdrawiam Cię serdecznie!