Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Message of Hope for Alexander Dyle

Sadly, our dear friend and enigmatic character Alexander Dyle has closed his very interesting and entertaining blog 'The Theatre Of The Third Kind'.
His last post on January 1st and I am paraphrasing here was to say farewell due to lack of interest from followers and his inability to maintain the site due to tiredness, to me he sounded sad and disillusioned ... such a loss to those of us who were faithful followers of his site.
He graciously thanked us for our thoughtful comments and e-mails as they meant a lot to him, said goodbye for now and offered his sincerest gratitudes to everyone who followed his daily posts... a true gentleman.
Dear Alexander you are not alone, you have touched the lives of so many of us and I hope that this will not be a permanent absence, you will be welcomed back at any time after you have rested, if and when you feel you have the strength to continue on, we look forward to your return as Alexander Dyle or any new persona you choose.
I personally have thoroughy enjoyed our missives both in the comments and our e-mails, you and your words will be sadly missed.
Until our paths cross once more,be safe, hold onto hope and look for that which is still good in this world.
It is there for those sensitive enough to perceive it.
Take care dear friend ...
Much love Dianne. xo ♥


Diane said...

Sometimes I think blogging is such an odd medium... and much like life. We don't always feel appreciated... and then we go away and we find we're missed.

I hope your friend comes back to Blogland... or at least that he knows how much you'll miss him :)

dianne said...

Thanks Diane dear, I hope he realises how much his blog did mean to those who cared and how much he was appreciated.

His blog, like him was unique and he is a true gentleman, I will miss him so much. ♡

foam said...

awwwww ...
it's always sad when a blogging friend decides to leave. i know you will miss his thoughtful commentary and his blog. ... maybe he will come back.

dianne said...

Thanks dear Foamy

Maybe? I hope he does return when he is feeling more rested, I don't like people I care for to feel unwanted or unhappy... his departure is such a loss to me as I will miss his posts, messages and conversation. xo ♡

Photo Glyn said...

On the bright side at least you know HE is OK and living and we should just take joy in that others will always come and go, but collectively, they all help us to be better and more interesting people in our own right :-)

This is now the green light to deliberately find a new blog to fill that time space Dianne, enjoy the search :-)


dianne said...

Thanks Glyn dear, well I certainly hope HE is OK, we have been friends for quite a while now and yes Alexander has most definitely enriched my life, he is such an interesting, intelligent and caring person just as you are and many of my other friends.

Green light you say, no my dear friend I am not searching for anything or anyone, just taking each day as it comes with no expectations ... it's better that way. xx ♡

findingmywingsinlife said...

I agree Dianne, a life with no expectations is always better ;-)

And I believe he may come back, though sporadically and never in a consistent manner- but I think that's part of his point, he doesn't want to be ruled by technology. At least, that's my assumption based on his writings.

Its good of you to let him know you care, as we all do. You are a very kind hearted lady :)

Corby said...


I wholeheartedly agree, I will miss that blog!


dianne said...

Thanks dear April , no expectations is always best or so I have come to realise over recent times.
I do hope Alexander does come back, I was very surprised to see his blog gone for he has so much to offer us ... I thought he might go away for a while and then resume posting there again.
I wanted to write this message so that he would know that he was appeciated and worth more than he realised...though sadly I doubt that he would seek out my blog or will see this post... ♡

dianne said...

Thanks Corby dear,

I will miss his blog too, I will miss him ... like his blog he was very special and unique. ♡

The Phosgene Kid said...

Crap, now IO feel guilty. Never visited his Blog, but I ma sure it was nice. Personally I write and post for my own amusement, if anyone visits, that is wonderful if not, so goes the world.

/t. said...

people come
people go

phos is right, i think
i also think this is a nice post for your friend, dianne

× × ×


dianne said...

Oh Phossy dear don't feel guilty, how were you to know that his blog existed.
Alexander has left many comments here but that doesn't mean that you have to visit all of the blogs of my followers.
I post in the hope that someone will read what I have written, I would be disappointed if none of you visited me here. xo ♡

dianne said...

Thanks /t. dear,

Yes, people do come and go,some we forget in time, some we don't, there are some who leave a lasting, positive impression on us and those are the people we will miss, people like Alexander and we wonder what has happened to them and if they are well and happy.
How would we know? A question I ask myself often but there will be no answer.

xoxo ♡

Lee said...

I'd say something but I don't now what to say.

dianne said...

Thanks Lee dear,
that's OK, what can one say?
People start blogs and then end them for many reasons, I was surprised to see that the blog had been deleted...I just hope that he is well, maybe I will hear one day. xo ♡

Helene said...

I agree with the first comment from Diane... but Phos has a point too. In the end, you blog is exactly that, yours. I bet he comes back. Its a bit addicting isnt it. I have tried to take a break time and time again, only to feel drawn to it again.

In the end, what this just solidifies in my mind is how important our blogging community really is to us. Its not just a blog, its a remarkable social network of people who you know and come to know that become true friends!

xoxo and I am glad you found me again! hehehe
Have a great weekend!

The Phosgene Kid said...

That's the trouble, can't visit everyone and there are a lot of cool Blogs out there. I have a tough time making the rounds as it is. The best part is the global aspect - you can commune with folks a world away, good avenue for learning about other cultures, or in my case, offending them. Never been known for thinking before typing.

dianne said...

Wise words dear Helene
my blog is my place of expressing how I feel, there is more truth here than most would realise, even in my humble poems... they speak of my inner feelings.
It's not just a 'blog' to me, it is a social network of sorts, it's nice to connect with people who I consider to be friends and I would have had no way of meeting any of you if it had not been for the Internet.
Yes I finally found you at your previous blog. :) xoxo
I do hope Alexander reads this post, though I don't know that he has or if he will...I hope he returns one day. xo ♡

dianne said...

Phossy dear, yes there are some really great blogs out there, I have come across so many that would interest me but one only has so much time and to be truthful sometimes I have trouble visiting all of my friends as it is.
And yes it is nice to communicate with people who live a world away and learn a little about their culture and their country.

You have never said anyhting to offend me. :) xo ♡

Shweta Tiwari said...

a nice post Dianne,
Although i never visited his blog but now m thinking i have missed something too good.
Hope to see his blog again..

dianne said...

Thanks dear Shweta
I'm pleased that you enjoyed my post,I was surprised and disappointed to see that he had closed his blog and was trying to reach out to him and let him know that he wasn't alone.
Yes it was a really interesting blog, maybe Alexander will return one of these days, I don't know but I hope he does. xo ♡

Anonymous said...
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