Monday, January 11, 2010

Here Is My Heart

The Internet is such a vast space but recently I have found that there is another blog which is also named 'Here Is My Heart', though not to be confused with mine which has a URL of 'here is my heart - dianne blogspot'... so please don't confuse us as I would not like to take credit for anything my counterpart has written nor would I like you to judge me for anything they may have said or done.
I have found many references to my blog on the Net, some just under the title of 'here is my heart', with extracts of posts I have written and some of your comments, the most recent my message to Alexander Dyle... and if you're out there and happen to stop by dear friend please let me know that you are alright... I would have waited for you two more days or three, longer if needed, I will be by my tree if you're passing by this way.
Your favourite quote from your favourite film, I think. ;)

By following some links I have been on a journey back in time and have come across some posts, some sad, but for the most part happy and comments many of you have left me, some friendly advice, some praise, most of which are really lovely... some I should have taken more seriously or maybe I was pre-occupied at the time, some contained messages and links of such kindness that I now see were opportunities of so much more, so I hope I haven't let them pass me by ...
Also according to the Net by following some links, I am also a woman from the USA, who is looking for companionship and love on one those dating agency that's not me, I'm that woman over there in the sidebar on my blog.

I also found this song, Here Is My Heart it's cute, thought I would share it with you; a song by Kim Walker and mimed by Violent Servant, no that is not me either, I can assure you that I am very much a female.
I looked for a music video of the artist Kim Walker but I was unable to find the song, so this is just a few lyrics for you ... I would have liked to have listened to the complete song myself...


Little Lamb said...

Wow! You found your twin blog and a song to go with it. I'm impressed. :-)

Lee said...

The internet is awash with Curates and their eggs.

dianne said...

Yes Lamby dear, I found it by following a link and quite by accident and now I cannot retrace my steps and find it again, that's the trouble you start off on one stepping stone, keep going and you forget where you started from. :)
Funny that I found the song, I wonder if it has any more lyrics? xo ♥

foam said...

i think i chanced upon that blog once but knew instantly that it wasn't you.
i've searched my blog before too. it's amazing how many links are out there.
oh, and there's another foaming blog out there too ..
so much for being original, eh?

dianne said...

Really Lee dear?

Now that is unusual, more Curates and their eggs, but it is amazing what one can find out there on the Net. ♡

dianne said...

Hi dear Foamy
yes I happened upon that blog a few days ago and now I cannot find it again and I think there might be a third who is a 21year old guy, both have different URL's to mine.
Too many links, one could waste a lot of time trying to follow all of them.
Gosh, that is strange that you should find another 'foaming' blog, because it is an unusual and original name.
But there will only ever be one 'foam'. :) xo ♡

J Cosmo Newbery said...

The Newberys are unique. (Can a plural be unique? Never mind.)

dianne said...

Well of course you are unique dear J Cosmo , you are very special and other members of the Newbery clan would be unique as well, so I guess a plural can be unique.
Your blog name 'Notes on a Serviette' would be unique too I think, though I have written notes on a paper serviette and probably others have as well...I have been given a love note written on a serviette.
It is a romantic name for a blog. xo ♡

Leovi said...

Dianne your blog is unmistakable, I send you this link with the song titled "Here is my heart"

And this in Spanish entitled "Here is my heart"

dianne said...

Thank you dear Leovi you are very thoughtful, I love the version which is sung in Spanish ... apparently there are a few songs out there with the same title. :)

Saludos xoxoxo ♡