Saturday, October 11, 2008


This dedication is for my darling Puggles, one of the loves of my life. I have been searching for just the right song for you my love and have auditioned many entertainers, from Marimba bands, which didn't quite cut it, to Mariachi bands which were far too noisy and intrusive. This song is for our moonlight dance around the courtyard of Casa de Pug. See I have even thrown in some 'eye candy' for you my sweet one, now wasn't it worth waiting for. I will meet you in the courtyard by the fountain, in the moonlight, the air heavy with the scent of exotic flowers. I will be the one with the flower in my hair, then you can make me 'sway'! :)


puerileuwaite said...

Wow! You continue to expose me to new things (normally I'm used to doing the "exposing")! For instance, until now I've always associated a swaying woman with simple intoxication. Who knew it could also be attributed to dancing? I can't wait to play our own version of "Where's Waldo?" in the courtyard!

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Crikey! I seem to have walked in on a sultry love scene, better leave...

(Re the stump : follow the links)

..................... said...

i'll be the one with the binoculars lurking in the shadows .. ;)

puerileuwaite said...

No, I insist that Foam join in.

dianne said...

So my darling Puggles did you enjoy that...what is is "Wheres Waldo" thing, I haven't heard of it before?
All I am saying is it will be a night of passion and yes I am exposing you to new things, me - there is more than one way to make a girl 'sway' you know. ;)
And no Foamie cant join in for I want you all to myself, its our night of the lovemaking ♥♥ my precious one; she can have you next time, I dont believe in the 'ménage á trois'!
So Foamie sorry my dear friend you will just have to stay in the shadows and watch, you can have him next time. OK :)

dianne said...

j cosmo newbery , thanks for stopping by, yes I guess you have walked in on something a bit sultry but I can assure you its a rare occurrence around here. :)

I will follow the links and visit you again. :)

ANNA-LYS said...

Hello Dianne,
At last I have an almost working computer, still not installed the adds on so I cant watch Your video, yet. Ill be back, later.

(( hugs ))

dianne said...

Yes Anna- Lys dear, come back because its a great video and well worth watching.
I need a new computer myself, I sometimes have the problems with YouTube.♥ xoxox :)

Nina said...

I like this song, Mom! So sweet, so lovely!

dianne said...

Nina , my darling girl, I'm so glad you liked it.
Guess what? I was listening to that song you sent to me before, you know 'Its too late to apologise' by Timbaland,I love that song, thanks. :) ♥ xoxoxox

..................... said...

don't get greedy now ..


like i said ..
i'm thinking this is the time to be a voyeur .. :)
(which i'm really not .. but, hey .. it's bloggie land..
we can play.. right?)

Anonymous said...


when i think sway
i think hula dancers :)

¤ ¤ ¤


dianne said...

Yes Puggles my hot south of the border Latin lover, you must not be greedy, just one of us at a time. OK! ;) ♥ xoxoxo

And yes dearest Foamie
this is bloggie land and we are allowed to play games and have
some fun.♥ :) xoxoxo

dianne said...

Aloha! /t.


the sound of grass skirts on swaying hips, on a sandy tropical beach amidst the palm trees, hibiscus and the scent frangipani flowers- sounds good, that could work. ;)

♥ ♥ ♥

The Mess said...

It really puzzle my brain but perhaps this crazy-Swede can give that same emotion ;)

dianne said...

Lol, M my sweet you're not a crazy Swede-that is so cute - Tutti Frutti Summer Love...lots of swaying going on there and I'm sure you would like to get one of those babes on your motor bike.

Thanks for the link, nice and light-hearted. ♥ ;) xoxoxo