Sunday, October 30, 2016

Where are you dear friend?

Where are you dear friend?
For you have not been around
Are you lost in the darkness
And cannot find your way
I look for you each morning
And at the end of the day
I worry that your sadness
Is keeping you away
Please find your way to me
Brush the shadows away
There is nothing but kindness
Here to be found ...

Poem - Dianne Dawes - xoxoxo 💛
For my dear friend C.B.


♥ Łucja-Maria ♥ said...

Dearest Diannie!

Worried. I missed you. So long did you say anything.
Well, they already are.
Very beautiful poem. Picture too.

Kisses and greetings.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Sweet thoughts, sweetly put.

Marisa said...

Sweet words dear Dianne.♡♡♡♡♡

Marisa said...

Sweet words dear Dianne.♡♡♡♡♡

dianne said...

Thank you for your sweet words dear Lucja, I am sorry that I haven't visited you recently, I have missed you too. I don't have much time for blogging now as most of my time is taken up caring for my son...I find I am exhausted most of the time.
Take care dear friend, kisses and greetings,
Dianne. xoxoxo. ❤️

dianne said...

Thank you dear Cosmo for your kind words. Just letting my friend know that I am thinking of him, since he is unwell.
Take care yourself.
Warm greetings, Dianne
xoxoxo. ♡

dianne said...

Thank you dear Marisa for your sweet words.
Big hugs!
xoxoxo ♡

Summer said...

Sweetly worded thoughts ♥

dianne said...

Thank you dear Summer for your kind words.
Summer is such s lovely name for your avatar...I visited your blog, I love clean sheets too, they smell like sunshine. :)
xoxoxox 💛

Anonymous said...

Good morning Dianne. How about getting Matthew an interesting DVD to watch and take his mind off his worries? I thought of Three Colours Red for his positive experience of being a survivor despite bad odds? I do think of you both frequently though silence can be easily mistaken for non-interest, non-caring or non-existence as is so often portrayed smartly in the films of Kieslowski.

As for me, I feel tired, often. So, for a change, I went to the zoo last week. It was so very refreshing. As I waited by an 'empty' enclosure and others by me moved on to find some more obvious animals to see, I was eventually rewarded by the beautiful sight of a wonderful furry grinning creature that came out to look at me and which, to be honest, I only noticed when it moved; which was not very often! I feel there is no natural place near me, say a home, except that which you know of too, in France, in the mountains. But really, it is in my mind because today's life in the mountains is commercialized for the visiting tourist and totally unlike how it used to be in the small hamlets and farms high up there.

Concerning my ongoing film, well, I have so far shot some seconds in a natural setting that I feel proud of. I don't want people to be in this film. Or dialogue. Or clever story. To ruin it with unwanted noise or thought. Or beginning, middle, end or any other contrivance of man. Maybe an hour and a half of universe. Would anyone come to see it? But to be rewarded for their time, there would have to be more... I see what Kieslowski meant about providing or not providing information or giving the audience directions to follow. The last thing I want to do is 'direct' a film or lead an audience anywhere as that would imply directions, which I know I don't possess.

Reveal some awe or wonder? That would mean I would have to get out of the way of God. With my sticking myself beside homeless Middle Eastern people, I still haven't learnt such humility. As Kieslowski said, a lack of modesty prevails in people's lives, mine included. I end up concluding that I must know something when I know nothing could be further from the truth. I wish I could take the batteries out of my mind and stop thinking like a fool. It has never served me. Compassion - now here you show me how it should be. You care. Even when words are amiss or lacking, gratitude is still felt deeply inside and you are silently appreciated instead.

In a moment (7:17am) I am going to visit my Ivy Tree in the wood. Take care for now. C.B.

dianne said...

Good morning dear C.B., so lovely to hear from you. I do wonder if you ever return to read my replies to your poems and comments and the poems I leave for you, I would never know. You are probably still in the forest visiting your Ivy Tree, the birds are more than likely busy building their nests for Winter. Is your tree an actual Ivy tree or another specimen on which the Ivy is growing ? The Ivy looks very beautiful but it can be detrimental to some trees. Our tree is still growing well.

Thank you for suggesting the film "Three Colours Red" for Matthew but I believe he has already seen the film. He has plenty of music, books, documentaries and DVD's to keep him entertained. We also like documentary series on the television having recently watched "Wolf Hall", "The Tudors" and Lucy Worsley's " An Intimate History of Dance" and "Versailles". I enjoy any program which explores history and the beauty of palaces, their gardens and costumes of the past.

I'm sorry to hear your home, your part of France has changed so much, sadly very few places stay the same. Brighton-Le-Sands where I grew up is unrecognisable now as so many of the houses have been replaced by multi-storey accomodation, it makes me feel sad as it doesn't look or feel like the place I remember. We all need a place we can call home, it doesn't need to be a grand house or flat but a place that feels like home, somewhere we can feel safe, comfortable, our own little space where we belong. I hope you can find a place that will give you the same feeling of belonging, that which you had when you lived in the mountains in France.

Sadly it's far from peaceful here at present, Matthew is frustrated with his health and present situation, so it causes a lot of discord and tension. I have to be very patient and compassionate but dear C.B. I am human so I am far from perfect, I am flawed and my patience is tested daily lately.

Thank you for thinking of me and for your messages and poems, they mean so very much to me, they brighten my day, my world. I am so grateful that our paths crossed all of those years ago in 2008. Yes, I do care.

Please don't be so hard on yourself, I'm sure you don't have foolish thoughts, the more I learn the more I realise I still have so much
to learn. I would like to shut off the noise in my head, especially when I have worries but it's not an easy thing to do... I try slowing down my breathing, that often helps, especially when I am trying to fall asleep.

It is so good that your film is progressing and that you have some footage you are proud of. Scenes of nature would be beautiful without the distraction of actors and a script. Nature has so much to offer, sunrise, sunset, skies, clouds, the beauty of trees in the woods, light falling on leaves and raindrops, your choice would be endless. Have you thought of some soft music which would flow along with the images without being
intrusive or distracting? I saw a film clip of birds flying with some really beautiful music, they both enhanced the experience.

I must go now as it is 10.45PM here, no lovely woods to visit but I might pop outside and look at the night sky.
Take care dear one, you are always in my heart and never far from my thoughts.

Much love, your friend Dianne

dianne said...

P.S. Dear C.B. , I don't know where you are now ... are you in the U.K. or the U.S.A.? I was confused when I checked your location. I have been reading about how beautiful Autumn has been in Britain from my English friends' blogs.
Take care dear one, wherever you may be.
xoxoxo ♡

Anonymous said...

Hampshire, UK... I recently went through Chawton further north of me (not far from Jane Austen's house where she did most of her writing) and the trees with their glorious displays of light green, yellow, gold and red leaves left me completely in awe. Jane Austen moved to Winchester later which next month becomes lit up and quite colourful at this time of the year with stalls of roasting chestnuts and wooden fires by the small wooden huts near the cathedral. I will write again soon. Toutes mes amitiés, C.B.

dianne said...

Good morning dear C.B., a pleasant surprise to hear from you again. So you are in Hampshite, U.K., I was confused as my feedjit app shows your location as California, that is why I enquired.
The Autumn colours of the trees in Chawton sound beautiful, such wonderful landscapes to enjoy in Winter. It is quite warm here this afternoon, 27degrees Celsius, the full heat of Summer will soon be upon us.
The festival in Winchester must be spectacular with all of the lights and the fires lit, how exciting! There is something magical about lights sparkling in the trees and outdoor fires glowing beneath the night sky and stars. Enjoy!
I look forward to hearing from you again. Take care mon ami, Dianne.
xoxoxo ♡

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Happy Birthday, I believe!

dianne said...

Dear Cosmo thank you for your thoughtful birthday wishes, very kind of you to remember.
xoxoxo ♡


We love you Dianne.
We carry your everywhere.
Just like a kiss of friendship, we fly from heart to heart using your warm blog.

We hope that you are all better there.
Yannis and Vania Politopoulos

dianne said...

Thank you dear friends Yannis and Vania for your very thoughtful, warm words and wishes, you are so very sweet.
Thank you for asking, it will be quite some time before Matthew's good health returns.
Much love, Dianne
xoxoxo ♥️


Tus poesias son lamentos de tu alma atormentada
Un fuerte abrazo

dianne said...

Querido Juan gracias por tus amables palabras ... mi alma no está atormentada, solo siento el vacío de la soledad a veces.
Grandes abrazos
xoxoxo ♡