Monday, November 16, 2015

In Solidarity Against Terrorism

The sails of the Sydney Opera House, one of many icons in Australia are illuminated with the blue, white and red colours of the French national solidarity with France.
For all of my dear friends in France, my French friends and neighbours, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Peace for Paris icon - Jean Julien

Australia's Parliament House lit in blue, white and red as a show of solidarity for the Paris terror attack victims.


MARTY said...

Dear Diane I think that the whole world feels the sadness of french people !
thank you for these images

♥ Łucja-Maria ♥ said...

I sympathize with the French.
I can not believe what happened.
I lit a candle. Homage to the dead.


La melancolia y tus trstezas invaden todas tus poesias
Un fuerte abrazo

Leovi - La Fotografía Efectista Abstracta said...

Lovely! I join your emotional tribute!

Marisa said...

This is very sad. Sending my thoughts and deepest condolences to the people of Paris.

Crissi said...

This is terrible - it lost for words for the gruesome act. My thoughts are with the bereaved relatives.
Sad greetings
hug Crissi

Laura. M said...

Días de mucha tristeza Dianne!!!
Un beso.


La naturaleza nos puede dar mucho más belleza,solo tenemos que saber cuidarla

Enrique G.A. said...

Tristeza, pesadumbre y melancolía.-

Muriel said...

Merci pour ce témoignage de soutien Dianne.
Have a sweet day ♥

Giga said...

This is what happened in France, it was horrible. Also I am with them in pain. Regards.

Existe Sempre Um Lugar said...

Boa tarde, é de lamentar que por causa dos interesses económicos, sejam executadas pessoas inocentes que só pretendem viver.

Laura. M said...

Buen fin de semana dianne ;)
Un beso.

Yannis Politopoulos said...

Dear Dianne,

Posts like yours is what children need. Lets teach everyone that hate is just a road to nowhere.

Yannis Politopoulos

dianne said...

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments of support and unity at this time of such sadness and tragedy for the victims of this terror attack on the people of Paris and the country of France.
Of course we feel the same sadness and dismay for all victims of these senseless terrorist attacks in every country wherever they occur, the latest in Bamako, French Republic of Mali, West Africa.
I don't understand what is happening to our world, so much violence, no-one feels safe any more.
The violence and these attacks will not cease while these terrorists proliferate, they want to take away our civilised, peaceful way of life, our freedom, they are warring people, they won't assimilate and will not be content until they take over the world...I don't have the answers, it saddens me to think of how our world has changed.
Much love and in peace, Dianne.
xoxoxo ♡

Françoise said...

Merci beaucoup .