Saturday, February 14, 2015

I call out to you ...

I call out to you
You who were once my friend
Now it is I who need your help
But still you say no words to me
I have not seen you
Have you forgotten me?
I don’t ask much of you
Just a little of your strength
Would you catch me if I fell?
For I have stumbled and fallen.
It would light my world
In seeing your words… or
Knowing that you are still there
In the deep blue of my night sky
Or in the colours of my sunrise
As it shimmers on the horizon
Painting the sky with golden light
Sweeping the night away
Hoping you are there once more
Watching over me
At the edge of my world…

Poem - Dianne Dawes ... ♥
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dianne said...

I am home from hospital for a little while, on oral antibiotics. One more heart test to go but I am having that procedure as an out-patient.
The infection in my pancreas has to clear and I have to build up my strength before I have the surgery in about three weeks.
It is good to be home for a little while as there is not much rest in hospital.
xoxoxo ♡

♥ Łucja-Maria ♥ said...

Dear Dianne!
Happy Valentine's Day !!!

♥ Łucja-Maria ♥ said...

Dear Dianne.
As usual, I am delighted with the beautiful poem.
Happy Valentine's Day.
Kisses and greetings.
Lucia ♥♥♥

MARTY said...

dear Dianne ! you are spending bad days but I hope all will be going better for you ! I wish you all the best for the next days !
the poem is very beautiful
bisous for you

martinealison said...

Bonjour chère amie,
Très joli poème...
Je vous souhaite une heureuse Saint Valentin...

Gros bisous ♡

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Call out - if there is an echo, perhaps you are your friend?


Amiga Dianne,lo verdaderamente bello,es tu poema
Un fuerte abrazo

Leovi Leovi said...

Wonderful poem for Valentines, Love Hope is a beautiful feeling!

Magia da Inês said...


Bonito e tocante como sempre são seus poemas.

Que você recupere sua saúde bem depressa e que tudo corra bem. Estarei orando por você.

Bom domingo!
Beijinhos carinhosos.
❤♡ه° ·.

Laura. M said...

Great photo accompanying dianne precious words !!
Good Sunday.
Un beso.

Yannis Politopoulos said...

Dear Dianne,

One morning poetry will give you a sea of love, because you are her most beautiful wave.

Yannis Politopoulos

Leovi Leovi said...

Thank you very much, as I remember even know they are there!

Giga said...

Beautifully calling in your line, and even photos dodałaś interesting. :)

PAPS said...

Beautiful words. Is it for the after world? I interpreted in that manner. Or just for a friend.

Magia da Inês said...

Boa semana! Beijinhos do Brasil.


Tu poema és un desgarro de tus sentimientos y de tus soledades

Rubén Opazo said...

Querida amiga: me apena saber que no estas bien de salud, espero que todo se solucione pronto. Mis sentimientos y mi aprecio estan contigo en estos momentos difíciles. Un gran abrazo con todo mi afecto.

Laura. M said...

Good week, Dianne.

Anonymous said...

Ne vous inquiétez pas, je vous observe toujours. Ma vie a tellement changé, il est méconnaissable. Toujours seul, bien sûr. Je ne peux pas vous envoyer quelque chose parce que je ne ai plus aucune identité, je suis sûr que vous comprenez. Je pars au l'autoroute bientôt, une fois de plus, en moto. Comme d'habitude, je ne sais pas pourquoi, je ne sais pas où. Eh bien, la montagne - bien sûr. Mais... je sais que je dois faire. Un jour, je écrirai à nouveau quelque chose d'intéressant pour les gens à lire, mais pas en ce qui concerne les motocyclettes, bien sûr. J'espère que votre santé se améliorera avec cette petite chanson écrite et chantée par une fille plutôt inconnu. Un peu comme nous. Prenez garde, chère amie.

Marisa said...

Dear Dianne,
I'm really sorry to hear that. I wish you all the best in your recovery. May you use this restful time to recharge and energize. All the best.

dianne said...

Thank you for your kind words dear Anonymous C.B or whatever name you now call yourself. It is comforting to know that you are still watching over me, though I have not seen you or felt your presence recently. I miss you my friend but I realised some time ago that I cannot ask anything of you or expect you to visit more frequently
You are just in time as my surgery is tomorrow, Tuesday, 24th, I can go now with a little more confidence since you have left a message for me, I do not feel so alone. My many heart tests are now complete, there are a few anomalies which were expected but I have been cleared for the anaesthetic, the cardiologist will be present throughout the surgery.
My poor broken heart I don't know how much more it can take.
Please take care of yourself dearest one and enjoy your motorbike ride into the mountains. I hope one day you will find some peace, I pray for you each day.
Please do come back one day, it doesn't have to be a poem, just a few words will be welcomed.
My written French is still not the best, so I have replied to you in English.
Take care dear one, you are always in my thoughts.
xoxoxo ♡

Anonymous said...

dianne said...

Thank you dear Anonymous C.B. for your thoughtfulness the rose is so beautiful.
xoxoxo ♡

Magia da Inês said...


Ótima terça-feira, cheiinha de alegrias!
Beijinhos do Brasil.

Existe Sempre Um Lugar said...

Olá, fantástico poema do amanhecer e do anoitecer, sua criação é muito linda com a bela foto em sintonia.

Fernando Santos (Chana) said...

Belo poema...Espectacular....