Sunday, December 11, 2011

Please Wait For Me ...

Please wait for me
until the white of Winter melts
into the streams of new life
and steals the cold away...

I will be there in Springtime

I will be there by your side
The trees will be budding
And sweet scented flowers
adorn the meadows faire...

The scent of soft grasses

will fill the morning air
Amidst them we will walk
holding hands, without a care
So much to enjoy together
so much to share ...

So look for me in Springtime

'neath your newly leaved trees
there amongst soft branches
leaves dancing in the breeze
I shall wait there 'til you find me
a garland in my hair...

Please wait for me...look for me...I shall be waiting there...


Joop Zand said...

I will wait for you dear Dianne

It's a very nice compliments.

warm greetings from Holland, Joop x

dianne said...

Thank you dear Joop for your lovely comment, you are very sweet.

Warm greetings from me. x

xoxoxo ♡

Antonio Machado said...

Hello Dianne,
your blog is beautiful and fragrant!
Flowers and more flowers, I love flowers!
Best wishes and good weekend

Franz said...

Great poem dianne,you have a sweet heart!
Have a nice weekend!


Amiga poeta.Te agradezc0 tu interes por mi persona.Viajé a Argentina para ver a mi hijo,
Otra vez me tienes en el blog con mis fantasias
Un fuerte abrazo

Anonymous said...


another lovely work
this is really uncanny, but
i was composing a similar poem
just the other day for a very slow
food service worker -- terrible service

mine was called "please wait on me",
but i like yours better ;)

× × ×


~*Princesa Fiona*~ said...

This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, dear Dianne! I especially love the last verse and how you ended with that lovely closing line!

The picture is gorgeous ~ makes me want to take my shoes off and run through the meadow!

Loved it! :) ♥

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Lovely and heartfelt, as always, Dianne.

Rahul Bhatia said...

A fascinating poetry with a lovely picture woven in the poetic fabric!

dianne said...

Thank you dear Antonio for your kind words, yes many flowers and fragrances.
A hug
Have a lovely weekend.
xoxoxo ♡

dianne said...

Thank you dear Franz for your kind comment, you are very sweet.
A wish you a good weekend too!
xoxoxo ♡

dianne said...

Amigo Juan , me alegro de que usted ha vuelto a publicar más fantasías. Espero que hayan disfrutado su visita a Argentina.
Un fuerte abrazo.
xoxoxo ♡


Amiga Dianne.Muchas gracias por tu gentileza y por tus tiempos dedicados a mo blog.
Un fuerte abrazo

Shweta Tiwari said...

Esto es hermoso, y tambien la imagen.

tener cuidado



dianne said...

Thank you dear /t. for your lovely and funny comment ... it can be difficult to get good service sometimes.
I am pleased that you liked my poem.

xoxoxo ♡

dianne said...

Thank you dear Fiona for your sweet comment, you are very kind.
Yes, it would be lovely to run barefoot through the meadow ... just imagine the fragrance of the flowers and the grasses.
xoxoxo ♡

dianne said...

Thank you dear J Cosmo for your thoughtful words, they are always appreciated. :)
xoxoxo ♡

dianne said...

Thank you dear Rahul for your kind words, yes a tapestry of hope woven with the beauty of meadow flowers.
xoxoxo ♡

dianne said...

Amigo Juan que son bienvenidos, siempre me gusta para ver si están bien y me encanta tus fantasías creativas.
Un fuerte abrazo
xoxoxo ♡

dianne said...

Estimado Shweta , gracias por tu comentario precioso, que es tan agradable verte por aquí otra vez. Espero que estén bien y felices.
Tome un poco de cuidado.
xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

well, dianne ...
another beautiful, heartfelt poem. you would be definitely worth waiting for ..

Leovi said...

A beautiful spring and a great love, certainly worth the wait, Dianne beautiful poem. Besos.

Fernando Santos (Chana) said...

Belo poema...Espectacular....

dianne said...

Thank you dearest Foamy for your lovely words of praise, I'm so pleased that you enjoyed my poem.
xoxoxo ♡

dianne said...

Thank you dear Leovi for your lovely words of praise, you are very kind.
xoxoxo ♡

dianne said...

Obrigado querido Fernando pelas suas palavras atenciosas.
xoxoxo ♡

José Ramón said...

Diana bonita imagen y lindo poema
.Saludos de José Ramón desde
Creatividad e imaginación fotos de José Ramón

dianne said...

Estimado José , gracias por sus amables palabras y comentarios.
xoxoxo ♡

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

sweet and heartwarming poem, dianne.

love it!

dianne said...

Thank you dear Betty for your kind words, I am happy that you enjoyed my poem.
xoxoxo ♡


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Un fuerte abrazo desde ésta cálida tierra