Saturday, June 5, 2010

Impressionism From a Female Perspective

'In the Garden at Maurecourt' - 1884

'Thatched Cottage in Normandy' - 1865

'Hide and Seek' - 1873

'Girl In a Boat with Geese' - 1889

'In a Park' - 1874

'Fall Colours in Bois de Bologne' or 'Conversation' - 1888 - Water Colour
(There seems to be some confusion as to the title of this painting so I have included both)

'A Corner of the Rose Garden' - 1885

'Young Woman in an Evening Dress' - 1879

'The Cheval Glass' - 1876

'Summers Day' - 1879

'The Cradle' - 1872

Berthe Morisot - French Impressionist Painter - 1841 - 1895

When I started the research for this post I was both delighted and amazed at the versatility and talent of this French female Impressionist artist. Her work is superb, she covers subjects from landscape, seascape, portraiture, gardens, family and everyday life with her beautiful palette of colours, textures and attention to detail . . . from the sheerness of the netting on a babies cradle to a small white flower amongst the green grass in a park.
I have included just a small selection of her paintings, I wanted to add more but there is not enough space here, so please do a Google image search of the paintings of Berthe Morisot for yourself and view so much more of her wonderful art.
There is a link to more information about this artist which will tell you more about her life and her art, much more than I can fit into this small space.
Please click onto all of the images to enlarge them for a more detailed view.


Anonymous said...

she really
comes alive with
subjects such as 'young
woman' (portrait) & 'the cradle'

an important contribution to the cause

× × ×


dianne said...

Yes dear /t. both the portrait of 'young woman' and 'the cradle' are very beautiful.
I don't have these paintings in chronological order but her syle of painting seems to have changed throughout her lifetime, interesting really as it shows how versatile she was.
A great contribution to the feminist and Impressionist movements since it was so difficult for females to be accepted into the echelons of serious art. xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

i love
a corner of the rose garden ..
i love the abstraction of it.

dianne said...

Thanks dear Foamy

I love it too, you are an artist you would appreciate the abstraction, I love it for the beauty of the roses and the garden as well.
I posted 'The Cradle' just for you, I think the baby sleeping is so beautiful and haven't we all as Mothers gently rocked the cradle or cuddled our little babes to sleep and looked at them with wonder at how precious they are!

xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

of course, i do love the cradle very much. thanks for posting that. :)
i love the others as well. but i was not familiar with the rose garden.

dianne said...

Foamy dear friend I posted 'The cradle' for you as you had mentioned liking it in the comments of the previous post and of course it is a lovely painting.
Yes Berthe Morisot is a very talented artist, her subject matter and technique varies as you can see from the sample of her paintings here.
I loved the 'rose garden' as soon as I saw it as it is quite different and just had to include it here. :) xoxo ♡

dianne said...

Thanks dear chickory
I thought you would love this painting 'thatched cottage in normandy'. Yes it is beautiful and yes it does have a similarity to Camille Corot as he instructed Berthe and her sister in painting; under Corot Berthe took up the 'plein air' method of working.
It is visible here, I love the grasses in the foreground, the view through the lightly coloured trunks of the trees, inviting you to look further into the painting to see the green of the meadow, the cottage and the forest beyond ... so much beauty to see here.
I am having so much fun looking for all of these paintings and I have some lovely works of art coming up. :-) xoxoxo ♡

Craftsman of light said...

The Strokes in 'The corner of the rose garden' reminds me of Cezanne....Thankyou for sharing these wonderful paintings!

dianne said...

Thank you dear COL ,

Yes, the broad strokes like those of Paul Cézanne's landscapes ... yet another great artist. xoxo ♡

puerileuwaite said...

Impressions of "Impressionism From a Female Perspective", from a Pug Perspective:

'In the Garden at Maurecourt' - 1884 -> I would rename this one: 'Oblivious to the Chairs'

'Thatched Cottage in Normandy' - 1865 -> I would rename this one: "We Take the Cottage at Dusk'

'Hide and Seek' - 1873
-> I would rename this one: 'Yet Another Reason France Always Finishes Last at Hide and Seek'

'Girl In a Boat with Geese' - 1889 -> I would rename this one: 'Geese Shunning the Water Until That Obnoxious Girl Leaves'

'In a Park' - 1874 -> I would rename this one: 'Huge Baby Fascinates Tiny Doberman'

'Fall Colours in Bois de Bologne' or 'Conversation' - 1888 - Water Colour -> I would rename this one: 'The Day Someone Slipped LSD Into My Sports Drink'

'A Corner of the Rose Garden' - 1885 -> I would rename this one: 'The Morn Those Hooligans Substituted Crumpled Tissue for My Prized White Roses'

'Young Woman in an Evening Dress' - 1879 -> I would rename this one: 'Young Woman Upset Over Me Being Allergic to Flowers'

'The Cheval Glass' - 1876 -> I would rename this one: 'Pug Under Glass - The Secret One-Way Mirror'

'Summers Day' - 1879 -> 'Pug Using Swan as a Flotation Device'

'The Cradle' - 1872 -> 'Nanny Sleeping on the Job'

dianne said...

Well thank you Puggles my sweet little art critic for your very in depth and informative opinion and your impressions of 'Impressionism From a Female Perspective' from your own 'Pug Perspective' ...

Mon Dieu! What has happened my sweet you sound a little disenchanted with the paintings I have chosen or their titles at least?

Is there not one that you like?

I really enjoy sitting on the grass in a park, surely you would enjoy that too, you could roll around on your back and I could scratch your tummy, who needs chairs!

I'm sorry but I did not think of the war or D-Day when I first saw the cottage in Normandy,I just saw the beauty.

I did not know that 'Hide and Seek' was a sport, but just a child's game, though I guess adults could play that game too.

I did not realise that the girl was obnoxious but I guess she is making too much splashing and keeping the geese from enjoying their pond.

Yes I guess the Mother should be watchful of that tiny doberman?.

Maybe you should not paint when you are having your sports drink.

The roses are 'impressionist' roses my sweet, they are an impression or suggestion of a rose, not crumpled tissue.

I did not know that you were allergic to flowers, so I shall remember that and I shall not wear a corsage when next we attend the opera.

Pug under glass or Pug behind glass?, oh what things you would see! Blush!

You could try to use the swan for a flotation device my sweet but I don't think the swan would be very co-operative or pleased at all.

It does get very tiring when rocking the cradle so the Mum or the nanny could easily nod off.

Lovely to hear from you again. Thank you for giving me another perspective to consider, these paintings shall never look the same to me again. xoxox ♡

puerileuwaite said...

Actually these paintings are okay. I do not dislike them. Most are a temporary escape. I certainly enjoyed renaming them! I do suppose I prefer a few other types of paintings a bit more (than the Impressionists). However as always you inspire me, and in tribute I shall have to do a post about paintings that make a stronger "impression" on this Pug.



dianne said...

Puggles my sweet, I really enjoyed your 'renaming' of the paintings ... your new titles were very clever.
I enjoy all different styles of painting and artists, not just the Impressionists and they do not appeal to everyone.
I do admire the paintings of many of the impressionist painters such as Pissaro, Monet, Van Gogh, Sisley, Corot, Klimpt and Renoir to name just a few but there are so many other painters whose art I love.
I just like to share them with all of you just in case you have not seen some of these paintings.

I almost always see a painting that I like, such as one by Weston, Chagall, Rothko or Albers then I will do some research and find many more of their paintings that I like and others along the way; I don't favour one genre in particular, I love landcsapes, abstract, realism and modern art ... it will be something about the composition of a painting, the colours, just something that will get my attention, it does not matter what style or the artist for me to love it.
Thank you my sweet, I'm pleased that I inspire you, there are so many things I want to share with you and my other friends here who mean so much to me ... I so look forward to seeing the paintings which make a stronger 'impression' on you. :) XOXOXO ♡

painter said...

Good evening, Dianne,

'Young Woman in an Evening Dress' - 1879
is so full of depth.

The look on her face belies her dress and surroundings.

What do you think she is feeling?

Perhaps she wonders whether the bar has closed or whether her "real" date will arrive.



dianne said...

Yes dear Painter it is a lovely painting as there is more to see if you look closely.

First of all I think she is seated on a lounge with either a garden behind her or a large potted plant with flowers, quite possibly a rhododendron, very pretty.
I really like her style of dress, the flowers cascading down the shoulder and bodice of her gown, a hint of cleavage, the sheerness of her gloves made from a fine fabric such as net.
I love the colour of her skin tone,her skin looks soft and well cared for, her upswept hair, her earrings and the choker, perhaps velvet ribbon set off with a jewelled clasp and silver or gold embroidery.
She does have an enquiring expression upon her face,to me those eyes look a little sad, maybe she is waiting for a certain gentleman to ask her to dance or is waiting as you have said for her 'real' date to arrive...though surely someone so beautiful would have been accompanied by a gentleman to the party, opera or theatre...we can only guess, sadly we shall never know what were her thoughts.
Thank you for your very interesting comment dear Painter.

xoxoxo ♡