Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Space Between Dreams and Daylight

When shall you return to me dear one
My dweller of the shadows
and my dreams
My knight of the forest trees
Are you still there in the shadows
silently watching over me ...
Will you ever step into the light
remove your mask that protects you
and reveal your true heart to me ...

I look for you in the spaces
between my dreams
and waking moments
I look for you
in the glorious promise of the sunrise
as its golden seam streaks the horizon
and lights a darkened sky
A new day dawning
and another chance of hope
that you will return to me ...

I sense you in so many things around me
those of goodness and truth
like little reminders tugging at my heart
and miss you so much ...
Sometimes I feel that you are near
so much that I embrace the air
I reach out for your touch
but it is not returned
you are not there
just emptiness
but still I hope ...

And when the sun is setting
and sinks from the horizon
I sit in silence
And in my moments of quiet reflection
I listen for you
between each breath that I take
between each heartbeat
listening for a word from you
the gentle touch of your hand
your hand holding mine
I wait ...

There have been many star-filled nights
when I have looked for you
in the spaces between the moonlit leaves
where you said you would wait for me
You said no Goodbyes
that you would return to me
But when ...

As each day unfolds I wait and hope
but as it ends my heart sinks
just like the dimming sun
and I return to my dreams once more
hoping you will come back for me
hoping to find you there waiting for me
in that misty space between twilight and another dawn ...

Dianne D. ♥

Image 'Between Dreams and Daylight' - Dianne D


foam said...

this is so very lovely dianne.
you have a gift for writing like this.
i can sense the yearning in this poem for a soulmate that is known to be out there but cannot be found.

foam said...

oh, i was going to ask about the artwork. did you paint this? i like the subtle color changes in the blue areas and how the yellow provides a nice contrast. i lmost would like to see it vertically, more as an abstractuon, but then , of course it would be the 'golden streaks of the hotizon'.

dianne said...

Thank you dearest Foamy

I'm so pleased that you liked my prose,yes there is a yearning for a soul mate who might be out there but is yet to reveal his heart to me.
Yes, I did draw this,I wanted to create a dreamlike image, one that you would see on waking from a dream, I used soft pastel crayons and blended the colours, if you enlarge it there are stars in the sky.
I hope you are feeling much better? xoxo ♥

Shweta Tiwari said...

Lovely poem Dianne,
While I was reading your poem , The Highwayman poem was running through my mind.But I could not find the resemblance later on.(Well, this was silly)

You write so beautiful, knitting words nicely. I was left thinking after completely reading the poem.
And the painting is too good. Fairly suits to your words.

Take care dear :)

Anonymous said...


very nice, dianne,
both the image & text,
and so very poetic in concept!

you are a most pleasant surprise <3

× × ×


Lee said...

Heartfelt and touching, Dianne. You too are on a quest , like Percy and his lot!

foam said...

i like your art with your prose. i'm improving and although i'm presently flat on my back i've been spending a lot of time standing and walking. i can't sit though. all my meals are eaten standing ...
thanks for asking .. ☺♡

puerileuwaite said...

You certainly do have a gift. Most excellent. I particularly enjoyed it because I tend to spend a lot of time in the trees.

dianne said...

Thank you dear Shweta
I'm so pleased that you enjoyed my prose, the only resemblance to 'The Highwayman' would be the length, that would be all. :)

'Knitting' words, that is such a lovely thing to say and in a way that is what I do... I take threads of thoughts and words and weave or knit them into a type of tapestry.
I'm pleased that you liked my drawing.

You take care too dear girl. :)
love xoxo ♡

dianne said...

Why thank you so much dear /t.
Such a lovely thing to say to me.
I managed to get my thoughts into words with this one, straight from the heart and it just flowed...

I'm pleased that you liked my drawing, nothing great, I just wanted to create a dream-like image and I think I achieved that. xoxo ♡

dianne said...

Thank you dear Lee

"Heartfelt and touching", very kind of you to say so... I do attempt to please.

It seems that I am on a quest, though not intentionally ... in defending myself and my friend that noble knight Sir Cosmo, I have upset Sir Percy Silly's sensibilities and have been challenged to a duel of 'words', well I hope it is only words. :) xoxo ♡

dianne said...

Thank you Puggles my sweet,

You are so very kind to me,it is very rewarding to be praised as I do put so much of myself into my poems and prose.
I shall look for you when I am next in the forest,I guess I will find you there looking for lost golf balls or hiding from the paparazzi. :) xoxo ♡

dianne said...

Thank you dearest Foamy , you are always very kind to me too and I appreciate your encouraging comments...

I'm sorry that you are still so restricted with your movement from the pain, it really is bad when you have to lay flat on your back for some relief and when you can't sit...standing up for meals is not much fun.
Any news about some more gentle therapy such as physiotherapy or gentle massage?
I really do hope you will be feeling a lot better soon. xoxo ♡♡

Timoteo said...

Lovely poem...and dedicated to Sir Percy?

Maha said...

There's this passion about your poems that makes fall in love with them. Your poem has taken me to the times when knights went to wars and their wives sat waiting for them. Truly magnificent.

dianne said...

Timoteo kind sir,
thank you for your comment regarding my poem, but no I can assure you it is not dedicated to Sir Percy ... but to noble Knight of my dreams. ♡

dianne said...

Thank you dearest Maha
yes there is much passion in many of my poems and a longing and searching for that one true love ... I'm happy that my poem has stirred your imagination and taken you to the times of gallant knights and the faithful wives who wait for them as they go off to do battle. xoxo ♡

Many of my poems follow this theme, you might like to read this prose from 2008.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Lovely work Dianne; picture & words. (Beware that blackguard Percy! Can I still count on your vote? We are one, yes?)

dianne said...

Thank you gallant Knight Sir Cosmo
It pleases me that you appreciate my prose and picture...
Yes you have my vote, but in defending you I have now been issued a challenge by Sir Percy and shall be labelled a woman utterly bereft of delicate palaver and daintiness lest I fail to comply...I fear that I might fail and be exposed to ridicule. xoxo ♡

The Phosgene Kid said...

very nice! All I see when I wake up is the ceiling!

Percy Bisque Silley said...

Ah! So then ye dare, most Unfair and Stuffed-Ballot Boxing Dianne, Pugnacious and Verbose!

And I have "waited for thee" long indeed...

In Vituperative Innuendo,


Sir Percival, Man O’ War

Lee said...

Goodness Dianne, you have stirred a storm, haven't you! (I am enjoying your fair city, by the way. What little I am seeing of it.)

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Lady Dianne, I know some women are spurred into action by being beaten and mistreated. Sad souls they are, mistaking attention for love, no matter how brutal. This knight most errant, Sir Percy, prods you to get a response. Resist, hold firm, I implore you!

dianne said...

Thank you Phossy dear

When I first awake I am still in a half dream-like state as the alarm on my clock wakes me from my sleep, I feel around for the snooze button and drift off for a few more seconds then realise that I must get up.
I sometimes recall fragments of a dream, the first thing I usually see is the view from my window of the sky and trees. xoxo ♡

dianne said...

Sir Percy

I have none of those vexatious character flaws that you do so cruelly accuse me of ... why each time you call upon me Sir you do insult me with your vitriole.

You say that you have waited long for me, you take me by surprise and confuse me sir, we had no such arrangement Sir Percy, for I am promised to no man and if you did wish to impress me I can say with much certainty that your present demeanor has done nothing to commned you to my favour.

Sincerely and without derision,

Lady Dianne ♡

dianne said...

Yes Lee dear,

I have certainly stirred up something and quite innocently by defending my friend Sir Cosmo...

I know very little of the character of Sir Percy Silley but he was very quick to berate and reprimand me for my opinions and I know not why ... now I can see that he will be a very passionate opponent.

Good that you are enjoying your visit to Sydney, I hope you get to see some of the more popular sights instead of being locked up in a conference room which is usually the case when a visit is connected with work. :) xoxo ♡

dianne said...

Why dear Sir Cosmo

Surely you would realise by now that I am not one of those sad women who mistake being mistreated for a sign of affection.
I can see exactly what Sir Percy is doing, he is pretending that he cares for me to sway my vote away from you.
Little did he realise that he would have gained more favour with me had he spoken to me in a more genteel manner and any misguided feelings of affection I may have entertained must now be gone ... 'tis a pity for we could have been friends.
Yes he prods me to get a response but I shall resist for that is not the way to my heart, my favour nor my feather bed... :)

Yours most sincerely,

Lady Dianne. xoxo ♡

Lee said...

Haven't seen much really, just relaxing when not pretending to be short, blonde and pregnant. (I am up as part of a replacement program for the local lab manager, who is on maternity leave.) Got to go out to dinner one night with J Cosmo, which was as entertaining as always.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

very harmonic picture. did you paint that?

dianne said...

Lee dear, I'm pleased to hear that you have time for some relaxation while you are here in Sydney.
I can imagine there would have been much lively and interesting conversation between yourself and the charming J Cosmo over dinner... nice that you were able to meet up. xo ♡

dianne said...

Thank you Sarah dear, yes I did paint it with soft pastel water crayons, I then blended the colours to hopefully achieve the softness and the illusion of waking from a dream. xo ♡

Anonymous said...

the news from sydney
everyone is without clothing

should we be sending assistance?!?

× × ×


J Cosmo Newbery said...

If you've seen the photo /t., I am the 367th and 368th testicles from the left.

dianne said...

No dear /t.

do not trouble yourself
those people on the Opera House steps
stripped off voluntarily for one of
Spencer Tunick's bizarre photo shoots. :) xoxo ♡

If you have any unwanted clothing the charities of St Vincent de Paul or the Smith Family would be most grateful for any donations. :)

dianne said...

Dear Sir Cosmo

I am shocked that you would enter such a public display of nudity and even more shocked that you would point out the location of your 'family jewels' ...

Yours in dismay,

Lady Dianne xoxo ♡

painter said...

Good evening.

Nice title to your lovely painting and poem.


dianne said...

Thank you dear painter

Yes, nice title for my poem and image, please don't be offended or think that I stole it from your blog ... if you remember, I once complimented you on your blog title mainly becasue that is where I spend much of my time and my thoughts ... 'between deams and daylight'.

If it is causing you any concern I will happily change the title of both if you so wish.

Your friend Dianne. xoxo ♡

J Cosmo Newbery said...


dianne said...

Dear friend J Cosmo

You don't have to apologise, I am broad minded and can laugh about things,in fact I did laugh, I was joking ... I was just surprised that you would mention it here, that is all, you are not in trouble. :) xoxo ♡
Gosh everyone is taking my comments far too seriously, please don't, I do have a sense of humour.

foam said...

i googled the photo of
all the nudies in front of the opera house ..
i tried to find cosmo's ..well, never mind ..
but i couldn't find my magnifying glass and got tired of counting.
you can blame the decline of the propriety of these most current comments on /t. ...
he is bad, bad man. after all he always wants to eat a fellow blogger of his.
(and i'm just kidding of course)

foam said...

oh, i had to go back on pain meds ..
i take no responsibility of my comments ..
blame it on the meds ..

dianne said...

Foamy it was a funny photo, so many white 'bottoms',I think you would be wasting your time with a magnifying glass and would keep losing count as there were so many nudies. :)

I would be far too shy and inhibited to come face to face with and all other body parts of a complete stranger...probably why I'm still alone. :/
Not to mention it was actually cold that morning and those steps would be most uncomfortable.

Dear /t.'s comment was very funny so too J Cosmo's response, I really wasn't offended at all, J Cosmo is such a gentleman I was just surprised by the comment and as I have said I did laugh and I do have a sense of humour. :)

Sorry you're back on the pain meds as that means more pain...keep taking the ginger as it is a great anti-nauseant, I grate fresh ginger and infuse it as a tea or you can buy the natural ginger tea bags or properly brewed non alcoholic ginger beer is great.

I'm pleased that the MRI is now imminent and don't worry about feeling claustrophobic they can give you something which will relax you and you won't be worried about a thing.

Thinking of you sweetie. xoxo ♡

J Cosmo Newbery said...

OK, I'm not sorry :-D

dianne said...

That's OK dear J Cosmo
you made me laugh. :D xoxo ♡

Percy Bisque Silley said...

"My heart sinks just like the dimming sun..."

For heartburn then, try Tums.

For troubles a'lower down, ever be there Smooth Move Tea for this.

Tenderly, with Kisses,


dianne said...

Why thank you dear Percy

It is so much nicer when we two exchange pleasantries and are friends.

Mine is not so much a case of 'heartburn' dear but that of prolonged 'heartache' ...

I do so hope that the malady which has afflicted you is now on the wane with the help of Tums and some kind words from me.

Tender Kisses accepted graciously and so in turn I send you the same, as soft as flower petals ...

Dianne xxx ♡ @-->--

J Cosmo Newbery said...

What! You send this blackguard a rose as well? Oh woman, thy name is fickle! I am hurt! I am miffed! I am cut to the quick! Sancho! Bring me some Bex! I need a wee lie down!

dianne said...

My dearest Sir Cosmo

I do not know that Sir Percy is a blackguard, I did not realise that I had hurt him so with my words of feigned anger and hostility.
Please do not think me fickle, please don't be hurt or miffed by this rose which is a peace offering for the better good.

You are still my dear friend I hope.

Lady Dianne. xxx ♡ @-->--

The Phosgene Kid said...

Battle Royal!!!

dianne said...

Why yes Phossy my dear

'tis looking that way. xoxo ♡

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Dearest Dianne, of course you know Percy is a blackguard. Have I not told you so with my own fair lips?

Of course, I remain your dear friend. There is just this niggling question mark about the soundness of your judgment...

ANNA-LYS said...

Lovely, Dianne, lovely indeed!

Came to think about the concept of "Dream",what is that anyway, or maybe it is easier to tell what it is not!?!

Maybe dreams always is in a position "in between", constantly in a relational space in time ....

la la la da

Have a great Women's Day, by the way :-D

dianne said...

My dearest Sir Cosmo

I know that you have told me with your own fair lips that Sir Percy is a blackguard and that may still prove to be so, I think my judgement is sound but maybe I am wavering just a little since he left me all of those tender kisses ....

Lady Dianne xoxo ♡

dianne said...

Thanks dear Anna-Lys

How are you,lovely to see you, haven't seen you for a while, I hope you are both well and happy? :)

I'm pleased that you liked my poem...
I dream a lot and sometimes I am fortunate enough to recall fragments of the dream in that space 'that in between space' when first you wake, just before the daylight...I often daydream as well, when I am in a total state of relaxation.

Thanks, you have a great Women's Day too... xoxoxo ♡

Craftsman of light said...

What an enticing poem Dianne...the heart awake and how it awakes!! between your phrases there are so many meadows in the soft light of emotions, hiding in layers making the heart and the spirit become one.
thankyou for this post.
Its loveliness filling my day.
thankyou Dianne!

dianne said...

Thank you dear Craftsman of Light
I knew you would understand the depth of this prose, how on waking our feelings meander through the softness of that morning light when we hope our dreams are a reality and that the one we seek and love will come to us.

Your comment "between your phrases there are so many meadows in the soft light of emotions, hiding in layers making the heart and the spirit become one..."
only you could say something so beautiful and I thank you.

I am so pleased that its loveliness filled your day, your comment has made me feel the same.

Dianne. xoxo ♡

Craftsman of light said...

Maybe there are eyebrows that may raise to my blasphames....
but i must say what i think is'nt it...and what i have to say is this....'i love your poems than Shelley's or Lord Byron's....'

Your is unique because i can find them only here!


dianne said...

Dearest Col
you are so very kind and sweet to me, it is a lovely compliment that you admire my poems so much.
You realise that they are written with true emotion and from my heart and for no commercial purpose, they are expressions of my true feelings.

I love your poetry too, I could never aspire to write something with such beauty and sensitivity as yourself, you could teach Lord Byron and Shelley a few things about poetry yourself.

Yours too are unique and I can find them by looking through the gossamer clouds in your heart and the stars that shine so brightly in the deepest blue of your inkpot, just like the night sky ... and when you dip your pen into the ink the beauty of the stars is scattered and captured in your words on the page.

Love to you too, Dianne. xoxo ♡

Leovi said...

That beautiful poem of absences. The distance evokes emotions almost constantly. There was a time I also wrote passionate love poems absent for a long time to have the loved one thousands of miles. They were very enthusiastic but not so beautiful and of such quality as this.

dianne said...

Thank you dear Leovi , yes these were very heartfelt emotions when I penned this poem, I just hoped that 'he' would see my words and know how much he was missed.
I'm sure your poems were just as beautiful and I hope you had a happy ending.

Saludos. xoxoxo ♡