Wednesday, July 8, 2009

First Sight

First sight
First glance
Of you
and I knew
Our lives
would be
You and me

Your first words
rocked my world
Your voice
touched my soul
Resonated in my heart
never part

The first touch
from you
touched my core
I wanted more
Not alone
any more ...

Our first kiss
took my breath
your desire
Set my heart
on fire...

Your first smile
Stole my heart
And now only you
light my face
light my life
Light my heart
with your warmth
and love


Poem by Dianne


Bob Currer said...

You never forget your first girl...

dianne said...

Hello Bob and welcome to my blog...
Thats very nice to hear from a guy as I thought most would forget their first girl...
I still remember my first love but it was a long time ago. ♡

foam said...

so sweet, dianne ..
love at first sight, first sound, first touch ..

i don't know that i've ever experienced that ..

boneman said...
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Anonymous said...

God I remember ALL my loves,but especially the first! It is always the one which totally makes your head spin because it's all so new and exciting.

Then you get old and it's all deja vu (just joking, I think) :-))


laughingwolf said...

firsts are almost always the best...

Anonymous said...

i am
a sandwich

¤ ¤ ¤


Diane said...

Oh, I want to feel that way again!!

Lovely, my friend!!! xo

K9 said...

very nice. soft and pale yellow luminescent lovery dovery.

dianne said...

Thanks dear Foamy I'm pleased that you enjoyed my is a mix of fantasy and is lovely when someone makes you feel this way.

I'm sure you have experienced some of these feelings with Mr Foam. ♡

dianne said...

Thanks dear Boney

I'm pleased you liked the poetry.
No hot date...just a mix of fantasy and fact but its so nice to feel this way about someone who is very special to me...why they just have to walk into the room and my face lights up...he doesnt love me but sometimes friends is good too. ♡

dianne said...

Thanks dear Glyn

Yes I remember my first love, he was about three years older than me, I was 17 and when we did first meet the atmosphere was pretty electric...never turned into a real relationship though but we remained friends for many years.

This poem is not about him its a mix of fantasy and fact about someone else who has touched my heart. ♡

dianne said...

Oh and Glyn dear, age has nothing to do with it, each new love brings its own special excitement. ♡

foam said...

oh sure, but those feelings came a bit later ..

like on the 3rd or 4th date ..
and then we moved in together a month later and haven't been apart since .. tsk ..
that was almost 26 years ago ..

dianne said...

Ah dear laughinwolf

Thanks for your comment...
firsts are exciting but not always the best. ♡

dianne said...

Hello dearest /t.

you are sandwich you say, I must be missing something here, what do you mean by a 'sandwich'? ♡

dianne said...

Thanks dear friend Diane

I want you to find someone who deserves a lovely girl like you and who will make you feel like that again. ♡

dianne said...

Thank you dearest K9

I'm so pleased you have picked up on the pale yellow warmth and luminescence from the love and happiness I feel even though that love is not returned, thats how I felt when I wrote this... another reason why I had to place a yellow flower at the top. ♡

dianne said...

Foamy dear that is so beautiful...its great when you do find the right person, your soul mate and everything falls into place naturally, when the two of you just 'work' together and any problem can be overcome...together.

I am so very happy for you, 26 years with the one you love is wonderful. :-)

I had it for a little while, I tried so hard to make it work, too hard I think. ♡

Little Lamb said...

You're such a romantic. Nice picture.

dianne said...

Thanks dear Lil Lambie

Yes pet, I am a romantic, I'm still hoping for my knight in shining armour to come and rescue I hope and wait. ♡

I too think the flower is lovely, I'm pleased you liked it, its such a pretty yellow. ♡

Anonymous said...


if you must ask,
i lose all my flavour

** just saying 'hello', dear **

¤ ¤ ¤


dianne said...

Thanks dear /t.

Its always nice of you to drop by and say "hello". ♡ xoxo

Mayden' s Voyage said...

I wanted to say thank you- for your thoughts and warm wishes...
I am sorry I've been so far away from every one I hold dear in the blog world- and yet, the flesh and blood of my life- who are up close and personal- have been keeping me pretty busy.

You are such a dear- and I thank you...for the way you care for each person who comes here, because some of these bloggers are people I have tucked in my heart- just as you do.

I expect all will go well tomorrow and you wouldn't believe the bloggers who have already called me or sent notes to wish me well. It's amazing really...these wonderful people floating around in the world who catch us with their words or images. It's nothing short of a blessing- I think!
Hugs and have a wonderful weekend Dianne ~♥~♥~♥~

Anonymous said...

"Love At First Sight"

dianne said...

You are most welcome dear Mayden you are such a lovely girl, I do read your beautiful posts and I know from comments that I read that you are loved by many of our blogger friends...I'm not at all surprised that you have had so many well wishes.

Yes I do care for each of my friends who come here, they are a part of my life now and I have a place in my heart for each of them...I feel blessed and privileged that they welcome me into their lives.

I'm so pleased that I noticed your sunrise/sunset post over at Chickory, otherwise I would have missed out on wishing you well.

Hugs to you sweet girl and I will be thinking of you.~♡~♡~♡~

dianne said...

Thank you Anonymous

'The Irish Girl' as played by Adrian Legg was both serene and beautiful. ♡

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Hi Diane,

how are you doing?
now that you've sent me the e-mail. I naturally worry...

anyway, did you receive my answer???

nice poem and i absolute love the flowers!

dianne said...

Thanks dear Sarah Sofia

yes I did receive your e-mail and please don't worry about me I'm OK and I have a very good cardiologist who believes in alternative therapies, diet and exercise as well as conventional medicine...and I'm still here... but thank you for caring. ♡
I have taken note of your good advice and that treatment you recommended and I will get back to you very soon to answer your other questions. :)

I'm pleased you like the poem and yes the yellow rhododendron which is named 'Golden Wedding' is gorgeous. ♡

HLiza said...

Hi Dianne..yes..sometimes it's like you're matched right from heaven..when everything's seem right. Not many experience that, I think..I'm one of those lucky ones..he he.

dianne said...

Hi dear Hliza , yes by reading your blog you and your husband seem very happy and well matched, that is a wonderful thing and true not many experience this kind of love and is a beautiful thing...
I am still hoping and searching,oh how I would wish for such love... my poem is mostly fiction its how I feel about someone but they dont feel the same about me...
but I have their friendship so that is precious to me.
I hope you are feeling much better now dear Hliza I will be over to see you again soon. ♡

The Mess said...

Is there really love at first sight? I'm kinda sceptical. Don't you need some time, less or more can depend, to build up that feeling?

It depends anyway mostly on the other persons inside beauty..

And if there are that instant "flash". Can it last that long with two persons who are perfectly strangers from the start?

Just some Sunday morning thoughts from me at the opposite part of the world :-)

dianne said...

M dear you are right to be skeptical, sometimes we are overwhelmed by a person when we first meet them and there is a very physical attraction, no this doesnt always last as we have to get to know the person and we can then be disappointed,but not always... yes it does depend on the other persons inner beauty.

We are all mostly perfect strangers when we first meet, its a chance we take with our feelings when we get involved with someone, there is a lot of hope and a lot of trust.

Remember part of this poem is fictional, however this person does exist and my first sight of him was very physical and as I have grown to know him my feelings have become deeper.

The poem and the events from the 'first sight' were written over a time frame, a year in fact, but there has been no touch and no kiss, its just me expressing how I feel.
He is real and my feelings are real but he doesn't feel the same about me, we are friends and I have to be content with that, but I used my imagination when writing the poem, can you understand this or am I confusing you? ♡

I'm pleased you found my reply to your comment about my 'longing' post, I missed it at the time and found it can be difficult and not everything falls into place how we would wish.
Sometimes you come back and comment when I have moved on to another post...I hope there arent too many broken hearted girls out there who have been too unsure to tell you how they felt about you. ♡

foam said...

good morning ..
good morning .. yawwwwwwnn ..
i need another cuppa.
yesterday i came across tons of yellow wildflowers and thought of you ..

Mayden' s Voyage said...

There is a way (under "settings" I think) where you can opt to have all the comments on your blog sent to you in an email. This has been really helpful to me. Just last week someone responded to the "Chipmunk Victim" post I wrote in 2006 and I would have never seen the comment if Blogger hadn't sent it to me. I didn't know if you knew about that feature or not :)
I hope you have a great week! My monday morning is off to a wonderful start- better than the weekend and I am thankful! Hugs and thank you for checking in on me :)

dianne said...

Good morning my dearest Foamy ...your day is just beginning and I'm just about to go to bed.
I'm yawning because I'm tired as well...I hope you are enjoying your holidays. :)
Thanks, thats nice that you thought of me when you saw the yellow wildflowers...yellow is such a happy colour..have a lovely day dear. ♡

dianne said...

Dear Mayden I hope you are feeling better, I hope you're not going back to work today, please take care of yourself. ♡

Yes people do leave comments at previous posts and I would never notice them unless I went back looking for something myself...

Thanks for that information, actually Boney was kind enough to tell me about it a while ago and I went into the 'settings' under 'comments' but still wasnt sure what to do, I will take another look and hopefully figure it out.:/

Hugs to you too, have a good week and please come back and visit me again...I have put you in my special friends links. ♡

The Mess said...

Oh I think I understand you Dianne, perhaps the best poems are created when taking small pieces from life and put together with some imagination.

I've made some comments on your old post when returning to bloglife from my winter break.. Didn't expect you to see them, thought it could be a little surprise when you sometime would look back :-)

Corby said...

I hope this means things are good for you! :-)


dianne said...

Thanks dear M
I'm pleased that you understand, not everything in my life is how I would wish it to be so with this poem I have added a little fantasy to make it more interesting and with a happy ending...well in reality its not a perfect ending but to have this man as a friend is very special to can love a friend. ♡

I do go back through my blog sometimes and thats when I find comments that you have left for me and yes they a very nice surprises to find, like little gifts...thank you. :) ♡

dianne said...

Corby my dear, you have returned, I hope you are both well and rested.

I'm pleased that you like my poem, its a bit of truth and some fantasy mixed together.
Yes I am feeling happier than I have for a long time, its all about attitude I think and being grateful for a friendship that I do have, not the the love that I dont have. ♡

-Dianne xo

Anonymous said...

i'll bet
you say that
to all of the boys ;)

¤ ¤ ¤


The Phosgene Kid said...

I really enjoy poetry, I think the school system beats the love for poetry out of kids by the time they hit High School. Too bad.

dianne said...

No /t. dear
not all of the boys but yes to the boys who stop by here and say 'hello' to me and make me feelwelcome and included...that makes me happy. ♡

I just read your first comment about being a 'sandwich' and yes if I have to ask what kind you are you will lose all of your the saying 'if you have to ask "how much", then you probably cant afford it'...which now has me more confused than ever. :-/ ;-) ♡

dianne said...

Phossy dear, you have finally come over to see me, I'm so pleased that you are here, I was starting to think I had said something to upset you.
You still have a 'Friends' award from me waiting down there at my June, 30 post and some nice words that I have said about you. ♡

I have always enjoyed poetry, and my children are avid readers and all three, thats one daughter and two sons write their own style of poetry and prose as a form of self expression.
I have always encouraged them to write down their thoughts...the two eldest have always been very interested in literature and studious but my younger boy is the computer whizz and is more interested in rebuilding motors and cars but he can sure write some great prose.

Somehow poetry doesnt seem so 'cool' these days with some kids in high school and others but they listen to all of these great songs and raps, I dont think they realise that the lyrics are another form of poetry and expression. ♡

Sparrow said...

Dianne, that was just lovely! You are so talented.

dianne said...

Thank you dear Sparrow

I'm pleased that you liked my poem...I always seem to be writing about love or the hope of it...maybe one day I will find the real thing...someone to love me. ♡

shweta said...

hey ..
u write so beautiful...i was planning to send it to my boyfrnd..telling that i wrote this..though he wont believe i know...
but this is really touching..felt like the first date i had..

dianne said...

Thanks shweta
I'm so pleased that you liked my poem, yes send it to your boyfriend, say that you have written it I like to promote love between people... good luck and warm wishes... ♡

puerileuwaite said...

Whenever a first kiss with someone gives ME heartburn, I take that as a bad sign. Then I try to find a graceful way to move on, so I say something like: "It's not YOU, it's these damned allergies".

dianne said...

Lol Puggles my sweet, my heart was on fire but it was from passion not heartburn...anway the 'kiss' never happened, well not with this guy... it was just how I hoped or imagined it would be...pretty sad really. ♡