Monday, August 20, 2012

My Memory of Spring

The soft morning breeze
Stirs gently through the leaves
And carries with it a song
An overture to Spring
A prelude of feelings
Stir within my heart
Of days remembered
Not forgotten
And the beauty they shall bring
Of sweet flowers blossoming
Their colours soft and bright
A fragrance all pervading
Enhanced by sunlight
Drifting over meadows
Carried on the wind
Over fields and hedgerows
Where nesting birds sing
Such lovely thoughts come to me
Of scents and sights and sounds
A tapestry of beauty
My memory of Spring ...

Poem by Dianne Dawes ... ♥
Flowers of Spring image, Google, source unknown.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Heart That Gives

Perhaps my heart shall never be wrapped in the raiments of another's love again
It is not the end
It is but a passing sadness that must be endured for a time
Life goes on
Others shall live days
That I will never see
Or be a part of
The flowers of the field live on in all their wondrous beauty
Indifferent to the need for love
And the heart that gives
But does not receive
Loses nothing
It lives on
For it finds its own happiness
In its abilty to give....

Prose - Dianne Dawes ... ♥
Image - Buttercups Meadow
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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Reality of Silence

As my hopes diminish
And memories become shadows
I am lost in the darkness
Searching for your light
Sadness consumes me
The loneliness of isolation
Overwhelming, too much to endure
My heart fades into nothingness.
There was something that once joined us
A closeness, a connection
A friendship I thought
I wonder, where is it now
Your words that once warmed me
Have gone, along with my repose
Sometimes a glimmer of hope
When I think of you
I reach out to capture the moment
But it fades so quickly
Once more you elude me
A light in the darkness
Like a candle burning faintly
Just beyond my reach
But the flame is soon extinguished
The reality of your silence sets in
I lose hope again
And feel the emptiness of it all
And return once more to the darkness
Alone ... 

Prose - Dianne Dawes ... ♥
Image - On The Meadow - Free Wallpaper